6 Tonics for who?

Who should I give number 6 to?

All at 3/70

Morgan le Fay ( I have Guinevere)
C. Lianna (I have C. Azlar)
Atomos (I have Ursena and Poseidon)
Zocc (I have Alfrike)
Margaret (I don’t have a dodge hero to dodge that mighty Cobalt)


Mother North
The Hatter

All my Nature 5* classics are at level 1 except for Lianna.

Costumed lianna by far…great sniper and except kingston u have no one


Ratatoskr for titans and titan event. what ever u choose, have fun


Yes i was thinking that. No true sniper.

I was also thinking that to pair with Frigg and Tarlak. Very tempting. How would that work? Would they somehow stack together with the percentages? I get confused thinking about it lol

Another vote for the Rat here

tile damage will stack with Tarlak’s atck boost.

and indeed i guess you made your choice by own. look at your original post. for every other option rather then rat you have an alternative plan :slight_smile:

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You already have 9 maxed green 5 star heroes. All your tonics are well invested. Right now, any hero you may max is just for purposes of luxury and depth. As your 10th maxed nature legendary, the following are my thoughts:

Morgan Le Fay. She has undispellable DoT, draining the target’s HP by 674 over 4 turns, and even higher if she is emblemed. Her +94% defense against fire for several turns is a good skill for green tanks. Regrettably, she is not built as a tank and I prefer heroes that deal immediate damage to remove the target from the battle than to let them stay for a few more turns, on which those turns can be used to heal that ailing target or that target dealing damage to your forces.

Lianna and her costume. Lianna unequipped with maxed costume bonus is one, if not the best, of the hard-hitting snipers in the game. I prefer the original version with maxed costume bonus and I play my 2nd Lianna equipped in order to delay the mana generation of the titan or quest and event bosses since they don’t die with a single special of any hero in the game. Enemies killed in the battle field is better than maiming them as their threat is eliminated by reason of their death.

Atomos. Even with his recent buff, he doesn’t really impress me much as his most damaging special is reliant on how much mana the enemy has. However, he may be good as he can potentially wipe out the enemy if you can make him fire in 9 tiles AFTER your maxed Frigg and Zeline has fired their specials. The family bonus with Ursena and Poseidon may be good defensively, but that was the time when before S3, Ninja and other event and seasonal heroes came up which are far bulkier and more potently dangerous on defense. Defensively, the Atlantis family bonus is already outshined by other defense set ups. Offensively, most attack set up is for 3-2, 4-1 and mono as the elemental stacking is highly favored than the 2-2-1, 3-1-1 or any set up where it involves 3 elements. Besides, defense bonus is not really that gamebreaking on offense. My Atomos is stuck at 3/70 even if I have enough tonics to ascend several 5* greens.

Ratatoskr. A fine rodent healer that buffs nature tile damage. Playable in most facets of the game since he heals on average mana. He shines so well against blue titans that my 3/70 Rat will be ascended after I max my Mother North recently summoned.

Zocc. One of the released series of underwhelming HOTMs of 2020. He should have been made a fast hero instead of average and deal more damaging skill multiplier comparable to most snipers instead of 300%. Out of the 10 classes, 2 classes are discouraged to be made his targets since they may withstand or resist his Mindless Attack effect: Monks and clerics. The game gave me 3 and I disdainfully leveled one to 3/70 just for the sake of bringing a hero to that level and to try him out. I rather bring my Hansel who is a fast hero with only a little disparity of the damage dealt since they are relied upon for their mana control, mainly. I know some guys promote him, but in one of the threads here, I called him a joke (Zocc) of a hero. Still was and still will be in my game play. A lot may share that same sentiment.

And lastly, Margaret. The second dodger hero after average Inari who happened to be silently backstaged by this very fast HOTM, who happens to have better dodging capabilites as much as 90% (?). Her insane attack stat was relied upon against blue titans but her downfall was that she was too squishy. Even with her recently acquired damaging specials, not many players raved on her buff.


It appears that with that many heroes maxed and possessed, you don’t have an issue with summoning them at the desired portals. I don’t have all the heroes you have, much less ascended them. But for you to have a line up of prized heroes, the following are my recommendations:

  1. Evelyn;
  2. Costumed Kadilen;
  3. Francine; and
  4. Lady of the Lake.

And as a fun purely luxury hero, Guardian Chameleon.

At the end of the day, your choice really matter very little to most of us since you are one who is going to play that hero going to be maxed. All we could do is just drool at your selection. Good luck and happy gaming, man :kissing_heart:


Very nicely said. Anyone of those 4 heroes you stated would be 1st before any of the ones i have lol. Evelyn, C. Kadilen, Francine, or Lady of the Lake. I tried for Francine and Vanda had no luck.

Do yoi have C. Kadilen maxed? How is she against Cobalt?

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Man, since her costume was released several months ago, I have been trying to get it, but with very little luck and without using gems. Just using free keys obtained from whatever sources. During raids, I hate it when I am unable to neutrize her, allowing her to fire her skills and making me hesitate or waste using my heroes specials. And as we all know, the longer you cannot use your heroes’ skills either by reason of the manas not charged yet or that you delay its usage because you want to wait several turns for the dodging effect to expire, the more prone you are to a defeated battle. My Kadilen, as well as Elkanen, has been languishing at 3/70. And for the life of me, I cannot invest tonics on any of them and justify ascending her if I don’t have her costume. The same can be said for my 3/70 Viv obtained in 2018. But if I do get Kad’s costume, she will be emblemed on the attack>defense>health side as I don’t need her as tank. Oh, well… life is hard. :rofl::rofl::rofl:

Cobalt, another hero I wish to have just from free coins. As I have mentioned in a different thread, either he, Finley, Lord Loki and perhaps Skadi are the only ones I want to get as my 8th, 9th, 10th and perhaps 11th maxed blue legendaries (I already maxed Frida, Athena, Master Lepus, Snow White, Miki, Vela and Ariel). Clearly an OP hero with irritating family bonus. I have his 4* version though from tower coins: Sapphire maxed and at +19 all attack nodes. If the epic version has been performing well for me, I can’t imagine how Cobalt could not be since he has far better stats and skills. But against costumed Kadilen, that bypass is nothing against the dodge :joy::joy::joy:. And as I have mentioned in another thread, only costumed Kadilen (S1) is at par with those ninjas and S3 and prized event heroes.

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I think that your maxed greens are a true dream team,from those who are in 3/70 i vote Atomos,after the rebalance he is fearsome and a truly underrated hero


With Kingston maxed, cLianna can wait a little bit…

Ratatoskr is really useful to have maxed - depends on your playstyle to some extent, but 5* healers are worth their weight in gold.

Rat first, then Lianna, IMHO.


Costume lianna by a mile, you seem to already have the desired greens and do not require another 5* green healer


I’d go for the Rat…Titan hits will grow with him quickly!

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Does anyone have Margaret maxed? So far its between Ratatoskr, C. Lianna, and Atomos. I think im going to sleep on Morgan le Fay.

Thank you all for the inputs!!!

My mono for raid is alberich, heimdall, frigg, Kingston and lianna and i love the double sniper to kill anyone i want.
I can see that rat is good for titans so now is up to you… Do you favour raids or titans?
Anyway sooner or later you’ll level both.

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I like raids the most. My alliance are fighting 9 & 10 star titans now. Really 8 & 9 stars. 10* titans are too sttong for us now. Nice to see Margaret is being used. Thanks to that nasty ninja that hides in the wing. I think they call him Cobalt

C. Lianna is pretty tempting, esp. with Kingston for the kill-anyone in raids. But I’d probably go with Zocc. I know many aren’t big fans and I don’t have him, but always found that mana control with Merlin to be extremely satisfying.

Wow! 2 Resurrectors in the same team. I guess Heimdall is there for the overheal. I don’t have Kingston, but I do have 2 maxed Liannas maxed, including their costume versions, one Lianna+7 unequipped with MCB while the other unemblemed and equipped. My Alberich+19 is constant in my monogreen and is usually accompanied by Evelyn+4, Lianna+7. The other 2 greens may be a combination of any of the following: Buddy+19 with mana node talent, recently maxed Gregorion+8 with mana node talent, Telluria+20, maxed costume Lianna, Hansel+10, unemblemed maxed 2nd Hansel, etc. I am maxing my recently obtained Mother North for my second monogreen team in wars as I have a dupe Evelyn at 3/70, another maxed Buddy w/o emblems, 3/70 Ratatoskr (who will get maxed after MN as I have enough tonics to max 3 green legendaries). I really hope I can snag either Frigg or the costume for my 3/70 Kadilen soon as I really want this dodging hero but can’t justify investing tonics on her without her costume yet.

And yeah, my main monogreen team is solid in raids, usually my go-to team against Telly tanks and red tanks be it BK or Garnet. My Eve is sturdy enough long enough for her to dispel whatever protection the defending team has. I just need 3 tiles matched, hopefully in at least 3 turns and everything is already done, with the V in my favor.

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Given the options, I’d choose the squirrel for longevity…

It’s a different mechanic that stacks, and once mastered, is quite useful — with a bit of good healing to fill in a pinch

Edit: misread … I’d still choose the Squirrel over C Lilianna… I have many of those greens and it’s another mechanism vs more power; but may be a play style thing… I get a kick out of Tarlak / Squirrel (rocky and bullwinkle)

With S4 around the corner … my 2c

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