6 tonics for Lianna or Lady of the Lake?

A fortuitous titan drop got me that precious 6th tonic I’ve been waiting for to ascend my Lianna so she and Evelyn can finally become a fully armed and operational battle station. Only hangup is I got Lady of the Lake and she has made a pretty straightforward proposition into at least something to consider. My maxed 5’s are my defense team of Zim, Athena, Mitsuko, Kage, and Rana, with Eve on the bench and Frida who should be maxed in a few days. The only other 5’s I have waiting in the wings that are relevant are Guin, who I just pulled and will presumably my tank of the future, Ursena, and Sartana.

Lianna fills a nice hole for me since I need another sniper besides Kage, and her aforementioned synergy with Evelyn would be very handy. On the other hand, LotL is my only real 5* healer and I feel like she is going to be quite strong. I think running LotL, Guin, and Mitsuko would be really oppressive to raid against with all that mana control. I could forego my plans to max Ursena and level Sartana instead for another sniper, but having dark heroes for my two main snipers probably isn’t ideal.

So which one of these ladies should get the tonics?

Lianna for days.

4 star healers like Rigard can carry you through Diamond - Lianna has few
Equals in pure Alpha damage. Boosted by Eve is a great combo.

But I’m biased as they form part of my strongest mono team…


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