6 tonic, Mother North or Bertila?

Hi all,

Will you guys help me decide which hero i should maxed first… MN was my target hero last year, just get her this Christmas. But then Bertila come this january. I wonder should I park MN at 3.70 and maxed Bertila 1st?

Currently My maxed green are :

This is my other candidate for tonic

My other notable green 4* :

My other 5* (or notable 4*)

I don’t have either but MN would be my first option - no questions asked.

Good luck with whatever you decide to do!


Mrs. Claus, of course. Otherwise, Santa won’t be giving you more gifts in the future.


+1 for MN too… no contest, even have Alby, Heimdall or 1st MN.


I agree that MN is better and i will maxed her too if i have the tonic. Its just MN ability is still useful even at 3.70 (ressurect) while bertila need to be maxed if you want to make her useful

But am i wrong? Will MN survive at 3.70 for raiding and war? :sweat_smile::sweat_smile::sweat_smile:

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She would have better chance casting her skill if she has more health defense. That can only be done by maxing her. And that can be improved by embleming her. There is no point having a rezzer if she dies early in the game.


Sadly i don’t have santa… maybe the santa is actually afraid to mother north. Wife rule :sweat_smile::sweat_smile::sweat_smile:

I’d kill your team in a heartbeat sweetie, so no, do NOT leave her at 3.70, pretty please!


:face_with_hand_over_mouth: i know at 3.70 MN will not have a chance in my defense. But how about attacking support? I mean i can bring other healer like tarlak or rigard or even grazul to make her (hopefully) survive longer ?

No? :persevere::persevere:

Another vote for Mother North. Without any context I’d choose MN > Bertiilla. With context, I’d probably choose a second costume Lianna over Bertilla.


Okay make sense, it depend on playstyle… MN 3.70 already usefull but not optimal.
I have lucky get MN this month.I plan to max MN, my other green are…

Maxed: Alby+20, Kingston, Evelyn, Telluria+20, and Lianna
3.70: Francine, 2nd Kingston and 2nd Telluria
1.1: 2nd Lianna, Atomos, Margaret, Zocc, Kadilen and Elkanen.

But it may change the choices though… my MN is still on 2nd tier. Only have 4 tonics.
And I have plenty cleric emblem, but then it could be 3 green +20 :sweat_smile:
I lack of blue high emblem.
I could plan in the future to reset Telluria’s emblems though.

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You know sir, 2nd Liana was my original plan before i got MN and then Bertila lol

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Nice squad. Green is my strongest color now. I only have vanilla blue :sweat_smile:

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This view is applicable not only in defense, but also on offense.

When I got Alberich way back in 2018, my offensive raiding was never the same again. I see no different with Mother North, who is far bulkier than the HOTM and has a higher chance of reviving fallen allies. She is a game changer, trust me.


Thank you guys. I guess MN is the clear winner here😁


I got MoNo in Dec too, and up for tonics next. My other maxed greens are Alby +20, Frigg +15, Telluria +12, Kingston +12, and Lianna. Also have Yunan, Ratato and Alby #2 at 3/70, and Jade & Bertila at 1/1. Mt greens are silly deep, i love going w/ blue tanks. Unfortunately the green meta prevails.

Here’s mine:

Not much depth, I admit. But Mother North will get maxed, followed by Ratatoskr. I hope to snag Frigg or Kadilen’s costume soon.


Happy we could persuade you, I meant steer you in the right direction :sweat_smile:

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@Ultra your team is really awesome

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Not really. I miss the OP ones, i.e. Frigg, Heindall, costumed Kadilen, Lady of the Lake

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