6 that stick together

We are the Donut Stuffers.

There are 6 of us. All active and communicative with 4500K+ defense teams. We hit titans, we use war flags, we’re on Line and Discord, and we’re looking for a mid to high powered alliance to call home.

Come check out our teams in Much Ado About Killing. We are:


We move together or not at all. Let me know if your alliance fits our bill, and I’ll discuss it with my comrades.

Crew Raiders would be able to assist, please feel free to reach out; david_kick in Line. We are active in war and on titans, use strategy and are a friendly, chatty and helpful bunch.

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Come check us out International Fight Club …! We are top 200 when full

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Hey Raghadorn,
Please check us out at ‘Misery Loves E&P’. We used to be a top 500 alliance, but loss some to IRL and let some go due to lack of participation. We are looking to get back to top 500. We stress using all war flags and not leaving zero on titans.

We are made up of several groups of IRL friends/acquaintances. So its pretty fun but crude in chat sometimes with smack talk and jokes.

Would love to have a gropu join us. We can discuss co-lead elders as we want you guys to be active to building. Hit me up on line @ Sendo.x if you want to chat.

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I’m reaching out to you on Line @Sendo.x

The Donuts joined the folks at Misery, thx for replies all.


Hello Raghadorn,
We are group of adults, regular everyday fighters but try to keep it stress free and balanced with real life, called Git Your Rage On!.

It would be great to welcome you in our Team, we have 7 spots open at the moment.
Let’s talk, my Line id Tommy Sire (as well as Discord)

Check us out and Looking forward !

Just in case things done work out over there at Misery…keep USA Misfits in mind.

Can this thread be closed?

Silent Implosion has room for you. We have grown to 15 from 4 in the last few weeks… we are small, but mighty and would love for you to give us a peek. We have won all of our wars and easily killing 8* titans… we just grew by 3 so once we get a 9* we shouldn’t have any problems. We broke away from our alliance because we wanted to grow… we were a competitive bunch, and I’ve been pretty lucky to snag 11 more like-minded individuals! Hopefully you guys are 12 thru 17! Line @ Toya_76 or just check us out!

As they have appeared to find a home, I’m going to close this. We can open it later if needed.

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