6 tabards and

Who to ascend: Diaochan or Khonshu? I think Diaochan would make my defensive team eventually…just missing athers. I’d just like peoples opinions on who they think is better. Personally, I’m leaning diaochan.
Thoughts? And thanks!

Both great. Do you need another healer or attacker? I would give a slight edge to Diaochan since she will be extra good in Wu Kingdom battles.

  • Diaochan
  • Khonshu

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Really depends on rest of roster though.


There are tons of synergies for Khonshu where you can make that 425% stick. And then after 3 more tiles go again.

Diaochan looks prepped to sit on defense for a while and be useful on offense also. If that is an alliance priority, then you will make them happy for a long time, depending on how soon you get the material together…
(meta is an expensive race)

A word of caution:

ALL Defense heroes are destined for the bench…!

With different modes (rush, events, etc) and niches, maybe your roster settles out with about 50-60 different heroes that you regularly use.

On defense… 5-10
After SG releases new defense creeps. It’s only a matter of time before your defense hero gets demoted from allowing your enemies to play with it.

My preference always went to offensive heroes!
Those are the ones YOU get to play with.

Healers are good for offense too, but…
They make me a bit sleepy. I would prefer to reduce the screen time with a hero like Khonshu personally.


Thanks for poll and the feedback. Good thoughts on offense vs defense heroes.

I’d choose Diao
She’s very annoying
Khonshu is very fast but only a sniper
Snipers aren’t the new wave now
Hit hard 3 and 5 are the new meta

Diochan didn’t scare me when she is at tank… I’m ok if she goes off… Even 3 times… Because I’ll Grimble them and then start using my other heroes who give buffs…

But at flank or wing… I’m more wary.

FWIW I’ve maxed my Khonshu and working on the 2nd. He hits like a beast, especially when paired with a DD and Motega’s/Sergei’s first charge. He’s on my raid defense and I’m holding 2700+. And as @Pompitous pointed out, if you get kills (which with DD/EDD/increase to specials is very easy), you can easily chain him.


If i had both heros id focus on khonshu first. Way better than dioachan. Offense is the best defence after all.

These are 2 very different heroes so I think it depends on what you need. Personally I would go with Diao Chan as I am lacking in 5* purple healers with only Aeron maxed and Zulag destined to sit on the bench at 1-1 until she gets a major buff. I’m also not a massive sniper fan and have plenty of attacking options in purple. Might be different for you but that is how I would decide.

Just one gamer’s opinion

Game Well :sunglasses:

I would vote Khonshu because I also have Kageburado. I think 6 tiles and i can already eliminate 1 opponent. Then after a 3rd match, another one can fall. Tht said, I do not have a decent purple healer and would also like to get diochan. I only have cRigard -decent by the way but not like diaochan or xman. Really it would depend on what you need.

I vote to give me Konshu.