6 spots open! Become a Papa Immortal!

Currently seeking 4000+ players to focus on Titan kills. We want Ascension Materials from these beasts and their chests! Killing 8-9* atm.

War optional, but must use all 6 flags if participating. Having Line is a +plus+

Here’s what we’re hitting today. Looking for help to take these down.

Killed that last one. Here’s the one we’re on right now. We have Line if you’d like to talk about coming in (line ID wondermoose).

In the process of taking this one down. Have a spot open, so feel free to come join us if you’re looking to hit 9* and higher Titans!

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Happy birthday and good luck with your recruitment.

Cheers :beers:

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Attention was definitely caught there :laughing: :laughing: :laughing:

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It attracts attention, but will it pull in a new awesome member? :thinking: :pray:

Still looking for help taking down Titans. Bumping for some help with this one.

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Currently at 29/30 members, but willing to take on a small merge. Some alt accounts and inactives can be removed to make room.

Titan hits Mandatory, and war is optional.

Come on and join us! Bring your buddy or girlfriend! Looking for committed members.

Have 6 spots open… we just took out a rare 10*

Titan hits a MUST…War NOT mandatory

Have a couple of spots open and this beastie just appearing a little while ago. Come check us out!

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