6 rainbow teams for war

Hi, guys!

All classics, from Events, from Atlantis, available and maxed…how would you build the most valuable and synergic 6 rainbow teams for war? :wink:

No rainbow teams for war…


What’s the war bonus?

You just need one rainbow on defense.

All your attacks will be much more effective, if you stack 3 of the strong element against the tank and two against a flank, healer or threat.

You also need to counter the enemies specials.


Ok ok, no rainbow teams in war…but I would like to know how you would build your 6-4* fully maxed heroes teams…wich synergies you would look for, without focusing on the enemy’s

Without lookilooki at the opponents team? Why?

You choose heroes from your bench by looking at the enemies team. I don’t know how that should work properly without.

You want to know great synergies? Watching out for JtB’s tag team thread.


I have more than enough heroes to make 6 rainbow teams for war.

Facing unified tanks (aka every war I’ve fought in the last six months), I would use those 30 heroes in a couple different ways:

  • 2x 3/2 3 strong against the tank, 2 being other colors, preferably strong against a flank, and (if possible) not weak against the tank)
  • 3x monochrome using the three remaining colors that aren’t weak agains the tank
  • Last attack is best used as a mop-up of an injured team, but it will probably end up as 3/2 or 3/1/1, probably with the weak color against the tank being what I’ve got a lot of left over, probably providing the three.

If you can make up three 3/2 teams, that’s even better but takes more heroes.

I know a lot of players who do all their war attacks monochrome too. ~25 and change heroes makes for 5 monochrome attacks, but getting enough of one color to make a 6th takes a LOT more depth, since most players tend to accumulate heroes and mats in roughly similar amounts of each color; that would be ~50 heroes …


I agree with @Olmor
You can’t just throw a team in war unless you know your OPPONENT’s defense team.

But I would think it’s best to make use of the heroes at your disposal ( as not everyone has the same units… Well not all of us) and work on specific aspects… whether you want to heal or go heavy offence , or mixed team or one that relies on abilities linking .

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Perhaps I’m STILL thinking more in the “best/best sinergy team” mode tout court, than in the “best team for that opponent” one! :sweat_smile:

My reply was more along the lines of how to most effectively use ~30 heroes in 6 war attacks against unified tanks.

As far as best team synergies, you can’t really define them well without considering your opponent.

What I make a team for tends to define the color makeup of it:

  • Defense team: typically rainbow since it has to take on all color choices of opponents who can stack against it. However getter team synergy / stronger heroes on defense work fine with only 4 or perhaps 3 colors represented as long as the central tank color isn’t repeated in either flanking hero; that is an unacceptable vulnerability in my eyes.
  • Raid or war team attack team: typically stacking the strong color against the tank so the tank can be killed with tiles before your heroes (or any defenders) have charged mana. I like 3/2, but 3/1/1, 2/1/1/1, 4/1 and mono all have reasons and proponents.
  • Auto-farming either as fast as possible or levels that are very difficult to farm: typically rainbow since the AI does rather badly knowing how to utilize tiles that do/don’t have any heroes. (Auto-farming easy levels can use any team, good or bad synergy; I reuse anything randomly for that)