6 ideas to improve the game

Hello my name is Lonewolf leader of Savage Wolves. I have been playing empire & puzzles for 2 years now and enjoy the game. Now for the most part I really love the game. But their are somethings about it that drives me nuts. So I will be listing 6 things you can to to make our experience more interesting and more fun. Obviously I am not going to bring up trading heroes. That another topic for another time. Ok here we go.

  1. Elememtal chest- I hate getting them. I honestly do cause 90% of the time I receive margainal items. But that not the issue the issue is their no food or iron.
    That what we need and want the most. So please include food and iron into elemental chest.

  2. after Diamond- create a new tier for cups. Something like 2800 to shoot for and maintain with the rewards being better for it.

3)Titan Chest- we open one a week for the ones that aren’t mercing but seriously it a joke. I have been seeing this for months and months. We are lucky to get loot tickets let alone a good mat. Please revise this.

  1. Titans- please for the love of God make this fair for everyone. I am so sick of seeing members doing so little to help kill the titan and get blessed with a 4 star mat. This is real simple. Make the odds so that everyone must finish with a B grade to have the chance of getting a 4 star mat. Increasing the odds will make those not putting fourth there best effort to try harder not just for themselves but for the alliance.

  2. Troop pulls- its the only pulls we do in the game that doesn’t contain any bonus draw possibilities. Something like a bonus draw 4 star would be nice.

  3. New Icons- let get some better one the ones in the shop are boring and need to be updated. Minor idea here. But these are my suggestions. Please let me know your thoughts.


This. I think it’s time to add the next higher tier. 3000 would be the logical progression.

I think it every time I roll someone with a 4700+ defense… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Right like what comes next. We need a new challenge

My main issue with elemental chest is that it keeps popping up in the raid chest slot, so I ignore raiding for a day while I fill the chest and get knocked clear out of diamond. Otherwise, I have been fairly lucky at getting unfarmables from them.

Creating a new raid tier won’t stop you facing 4700+ teams. It’s all about the cup spread, which won’t change.

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Oh, I know. But right now there’s no incentive for them to be more than 300 cups above me at low diamond. If there was a higher tier for them to strive for I might have to reroll less…

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With a full alliance, not all can have B.

Everyone should score exactly the same number of points.
How does that work?

This would harm alliances with 30 members and mixed levels.

I don’t see the problem either.
Loot is not split up.
Everyone only gets chances of winning according to their level.


Add 3 more flags to the Alliance Wars

6 ideas to improve the game… According to the devs. 1. Spend more money. 2. Send more money. 3. Spend even more money. 4. Spend your checking account. 5. Steve your savings account. 6. Thanks for gambling and I’m glad you don’t addicted to a mobile gambling game… Im born and raised in Vegas, so I know what’s up. All this game is, is a slot machine without winning money.

Create all the threads you want on what the game can do to improve. It won’t make a difference. Just like the casinos, this game is in it for moolah. Stop spending and demanding improvements and you’ll sleep better at night.


Sorry, my swipe is trash and I don’t proof read. Pretty sure you can fill in what I misspelled.

Exactly. That’s why I don’t understand why people keep talking about a new raid tier as if that will solve any particular problem. You get matched up to an opponent +/- 200 cups (in my experience), not matched up to opponents only in your raid tier.

As for rewards, I haven’t seen much difference between platinum and diamond, but the chests aren’t that lucrative. I believe the biggest difference is the amount of food/iron?

It has nothing to do with matching. It’s a thing of “ego”. Not so long ago (pre GTV) there was not one defense setup able to hold 2800 cups indefinitely. Now, the whole raiding scales has turned towards defense so heavily that I actually heard someone saying they are losing cups on offense and gaining them on defense. Let’s be clear. Offense is game. Defense is sitting ducks. As the ducks become bullet proof, the hunters start losing interest in the hunt… A new league is not necessary or usefull at all. Only regulars in that league will be those who have a 4700 Telluria defense. I really think the raiding system needs to change back to a more offense centered aproach. It’s slowly dying the way it is today…


Here is my list:

  1. Lets put an odds counter for 4* or 5* heroes that will be reset when you received a new 4* or 5* heroes. You may start with 2,5% odds to receive 5* heroes and it should be increased by say 0,5%-1% everytime you summon a 3* heroes. It will not stop us for spending, instead it will encourage us to try again since we know the odds will be better after a failed attempt…

  2. Let us buy ascension mats with gems on your special offer. Why forced us to purchased the mats with real money? at least give us options to purchase either with cash or with gems.

  3. Lets put the bonus item chest on EVERY summon portal. Why there is no bonus chest after 10x pulls on Elemental; Challenge event; Seasonal; and Tavern portal… The odds to receive 4* mats is low anyway…

  4. Speaking on the bonus chest, why don’t we treat it accross all summon portal? Let us fill 10x counters from any summon that we like. so we will always know that after 10x pull, we can open 1 chest. And to be fair, lets limit the number of bonus chest that you can open in a month… say 30 of them?

  5. Lets add a new Titan every month or so… Fighting the same titan again and again is kind of boring. We have a new hero every month. Designing 5 new titan every 2-3 month should be great.

  6. Lets consider my 5 proposal above before we add another one :grin: :grin: :grin:


Sadly, better odds=>less pulls for desired hero=>less money spent. I think the odds wont be increased ever because its mathematically still less profit.

I see. Well. Can’t argue there. GIVE THE MAN HIS HAM!!

Sure, why not. Lotsa people will probably feel compelled to grind up to 2800 before collecting raid chests. So that’ll be painful for those folks. But they might also think it is fun so… I guess it works.

100% agree with you here. Titan chest deserves some boosts. Long overdue imho.

Disagree with you here. Our alliance sets a threshold for what alliance members need to contribute to each Titan. ~75k average. If alliance members are there or above, I’m all good. And I hope they’ll get mats. I am usually in the B range and think the A range fellers usually get an extra 4* roll. That’s good with me. I like this system and think it works well. Alliances need to manage better if they’re unhappy with member contributions.

Troops seem like an area that can be expanded. I wonder if SG plans on character or expanded troops in S4 or beyond. It seems like an obvious area they could expand.

Not at the top of my wish list, but you’ll get no argument from me either :slight_smile:

  • improve the chat with easier to use emoticons, that can be directly chosen from a drop down or an editor

  • include avatars for all the heroes in the pulls or make them available when you own them or allow individual avatars

  • expand the shop with merchandise, maybe some E&P shirts, coffee mugs etc

  • give us online indicators in alliance view


â– â– â– â– â– â– â–  better not

That is all

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1- Would love to see iron and meat in there. Count me in.

2 - Agree on this too. There are too many people in diamond right now, and i almost never kicked out of it even without my best defence. Another tier would be interesting.

3 - Titan chest is not half bad for me. Can’t say i agree.

4 - Totally disagree. Bad titan hitters must have a shot on good materials too, and they have NOT better chance then you. You just notice that more because it’s frustrating.

5 - I rather put the HotM in there too, but they probably never do that :sweat_smile:

6 - More avatars and such are always welcomed

Why not create a possibility to opt out for a titan? Just like you can opt out for a war…

Why not create tiers fo the daily challenges? With a possibillity for better loot?
6 World energie for a crystal shard, a crypto mushroom an a bottle of oil is ridiuculous, I think you can get better loot by playing a stage of season 4, which also needs 6 world energie on easy level.
Why not going to the next tier with every 20 levels or so? With heavier monsters to defeat and a change on better loot? For example you have a slightly higher chance to get 3* AM on level 40, and a slightly better chance to get 4* AM on level 80 for example?
That way, players who are playing longer are rewarded for playing a year of couple of years also.

Please bring back the alternative formations and integrate the notification once attacked by an ally.

I got another one, put blue tiles back into the game. Apparently they have all but disappeared in the game. Raids, war, titans… none to be found. I can put out a missing report if needed.