6 days until next tourney?

I missed one raid tourney from not signing up. Idk if the sign up window is small… but if this one was missed also, I don’t know how. I did not receive a notification to sign up. I play every day more than once a day. I remember it saying sign up in a day, then now it shows 5d 17h

Was it moved or did I miss sign up again?

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Same here.

They probably leave out this week.

Signing up would have started tomorrow.


Good thing they start scheduling things differently.


So there’s a change in number of days in “battle phase” ? 5 instead of 4 ? (5 days of battle, meaning 5x 5 attacks?)

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As a suggestion you should inform when you are in the preparation phase, again I run out of tournament because of the changes :sleepy:

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Are they increasing the number of strikes you get, or are you still out after 4 losses?

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The 4 losses and out rule stay.
Good thing, we may able to fill the raid chest in a single try for 5 consecutive days…jk.

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Great. I wondered why they didn’t do signup on Sunday and start Monday. Perfect time for it.

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Prepphase would then overlap with end of challenge event once every month. That‘s too much stress for the e&p community :crazy_face:


Two things that may be good or bad depending on your viewpoint:

  1. 4 defeats and still out, but extension of 5 battle days, will add more importance to each loss.

  2. With the monday to friday schedule, that’s gonna make for some busy weekdays.


Good, I’d hate to see them run more often. They’re stupid. Makes them easier to ignore. Maybe when they’re worth it again… back to original loot.


If I understand the update correctly, they’re still running weekly. So no change there, meaning that the 5 battle day extension actually increases the time they’re active.

Or at least weekly tournaments is what they intended before :poop: hit the fan with them lol. We’ve seen a lot of breaks between them since they were implemented, but I don’t think those were planned

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Keep your complaints until you will have lost 4 times. Always dumb to complain about sth in the future, about how it will possibly be or about bad expectations.

Constructive criticism can only be done afterwards and has to rely on good arguments.

Everything else is reading in an orb of magic…


So they’re going to run less frequently with less rewards… and were supposed to be a major source of emblems… do you think they’ll adjust the total emblems needed to raise a class? No, probably not… so they’ve effectively nerfed classes. You’re going to level them slower now.

But they’ll still sell them in the store, making those for sale in features or packages worth more, effectively, which creeps closer to pay to win…

Bait and switch…


Still weakly…just over a longer time period in the week.

For now - I think they are getting close to having things correct, but there are still some oddities. I suspect they really will restore the loot once they iron out a few of the bigger remaining kinks.


That’s my thoughts. First they reduce the loot and then reduce the number of tournaments.

This isn’t what we were told we would get. Plain and simple.

Tournaments were what was going to keep my. interest in the game. I have 5* heroes that will forever just be pretty pictures on my bench because 5* mats are kept 200% rarer than the heroes themselves. Tournaments would at least let me have fun with 3* and 4* heroes and grow with emblems.

No. Now I get a watered down version just once a week making those lower heroes less usable. Just more pretty pictures sitting there doing nothing.


You’re not counting right. They just gave us one MORE day of fighting per week. This was the old schedule:

So the old tourney was on a 7 day schedule with 2 days of reward phase. The new tourney is on a 7 day schedule with 1 day of reward phase.

It was always a weekly tourney. We just now get more fighting.


That’s just silly. Advanced criticism can be done and comes from people uncoloured by “I just lost 4 and am out” feelings AND prevents a complaint from being dismissed as sour grapes just because it’s coming from someone who just lost.

If criticism can’t come in advance of experience no one could critique the concepts of things like, for example, the Apollo Program. “No negative Nellies until you’ve shot a man to the moon, so stop saying our Swiss cheese capsule can’t work, you no-experience hacks”…

I prefers 4 days of attacks.


Keeping the strikes at 4, and adding another day is made for one purpose and one purpose only.

75 continue gems.

It’s a cash grab.


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