6% chance for the talent to kick in

When I have a hero with a skill at 6%, then I see it trigger maybe 1 time a game or sometimes 1 time in 10 games. But during this war, I fired off all my 5 heroes (in one round) against an Aeron with 6% chance to repel the status ailment (stage 3 on the tree)… And all 5 attacks got the blue status ailment sign popping up?! Totally in the attack I fired of 8 specials that should have affected him and all got the same effect, that blue skill/talent popped up and blocked my attacks… 6%?! More like 600%!!!

I have stopped spending on this game as things are getting worse and worse with every update and new feature, and to put it in perspective, at one point I was spending more per month on this game than I spend on my rent… Now I just keep playing to stay in touch with my game friends.

Are you sure its the talent skill? Aeron original special skill is Nether Shield which grant immunity (100%) to status aliments for 3 turns for him and his nearby allies.


That’s his special. Aerons talent skill is also resisting status ailments.

Both will say resist.

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