6 Challenge Events Inquiries

Silly question because I have never really paid a lot of attention to them.

The Monthly Challenge events: GofT, FofG, RofW, KofA, PofC, and LofV;

I know these have their own rotation schedules and the events have been updated to 15 stages, my question is:

Does the order of the bosses you have to face stay the same for every event or are they subject to change?

I’m looking for some info graphics on them but can’t tell if they stay the same or change all the time…

Yes, the stages and bosses stay the same.
Maybe these can help:


Somebody here normally posts a cheatsheet before these events start.

Here’s a link to where they are.

@Mariamne used to do these. Now, @cap maintains them. You can tell by there signature images in the graphics. They are both French, hence the title is in French.

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Thanks! I have definitely seen a lot of those info graphics before. I just wanted confirmation on if the order of the bosses you have to fight ever changes for those events or will always remain the same.

I guess if and when any of those changes happen I know there will be threads to look for!

I do think they are set in stone as the same.
If any changes it probably go through beta first before it comes to live game.
Villans is only 10 stages at this point in time and my guess will end up being 15 with added heros to the portal.
Also there is a carnival been teased by sgg my guess that be 10 stages at first too.
Keep yah eye on the beta threads they will let you kinda know what can be happening :+1:

My apologies for making a thread for nothing… feel free to close this one down or remove it if that’s not a big hassle to do! Cheers!

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It’s fine you had a question and wanting answers it isn’t something that comes up often. Plus with costumes there isnt a fixed rotation of bosses yet people are tracking them to see of there is a pattern.