5x pull - costing 1400 gems (or 1600 gems in Atlantis, Valhalla and Costume Chamber)

Now there are 3 options for pulling heroes with gems: single pull, 10x pull and 30x pull (in Atlantis and Valhalla). What I am proposing is a new option: 5x pull.

Elemental/Epic hero summon/seasonal summon:
1x pull = 300 gems
10x pull = 2600 gems
=> 5x pull = 1400 gems
(10 single pulls cost 3000 gems, 5 single pulls cost 1500 gems)

Atlantis/Valhalla/Costume Chamber:
1x pull - 350 gems
10x pull - 3000 gems
30x pull - 8400 gems
=> 5x pull - 1600 gems
(30 single pulls cost 10 500 gems, 10 single pulls cost 3500 gems, 5 single pulls cost 1750 gems)

Why is it good for players?
This will mainly benefit FTP and C2P players, but can also be useful for P2W. We all know that doing single pulls with gems is not very practical as this is the most expensive option. However, it is difficult for FTP (and C2P) to hoard enough gems for a 10x pull - it takes 4-5 months. Therefore, we need to plan very carefully and choose only one event where we can do a 10x pull. However, if a 5x pull is implemented, we would have a chance to try our luck in two events. The chances to get a particular hero are still very low but at least we won’t have to do one 10x pull when we get nothing and then wait for months for the next one. It would also make it more bearable for FTP/C2P/P2W to do a 5x pull (compared to doing single pulls) when they don’t have enough gems for a 10x pull and they really want to try to get (a) new hero(es).

Why does it benefit SG?
Well, even though a player can get lucky and get the hero they want with a 5x pull, this is not very likely. So, at the end, players will actually spend more gems (e.g. 3200 gems for 2 5x pulls in Atlantis, instead of 3000 gems for one 10x pull). But a lot of players will be happier as they will be able to spread their gems between events more effectively.

What do you think about this idea?

I think it’s a great way to buy 3 dawas, 1 nashgar and a kashrek.

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They are not the heroes we need but definitely the heroes we deserve

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