5star Hero Natalya does on level 8/8 less damage than in other teams!

Hi, I have Natalya on the last level of her capabilities, which means on 8/8 - she does a damage of 676 over 4 moves & decreases Mana upload.
Now I was attacked by a team who had Natalya, too, also on the same level (8/8), but that Natalya does a damage of 700(!!), rest is equal.
How can this be??? I want the same impact, of course!
I have screenshots of both.

Is your Natalya on the max lvl? because the DOT damage also scales with hero level as well as the skill level.

Ok, both are on the last level, but one is on 80 whereas mine is not yet - if that fixes the problem, fair enough! :slight_smile:

You should also know that the enemy defense team has an additional 20% increase in damage.

They could have have extra attack stat from the troops equipped to increase it further.
Your troop also increases Nat’s base attack in the same manner.

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Troops with a higher attack also increase the DOT.


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