541-Titan Slayers recruiting 1 member(s) [friendly & semi-competitive, 14* titans, FFA wars, rotating tank colors]

3 open spots for who wants to join us :slight_smile:

3 open spots are still available :slight_smile:

2 spots still available!

3 spots open! weโ€™re a friendly and semi-competitive alliance, chaining 14* titans, rotating tanks every war cycle and with FFA war flags. come join us :slight_smile:

weโ€™re a friendly, supportive and semi-competitive alliance. FFA in war, taking down 14* titans, rotating tank colors, helping setting defenses and just giving advice on any hero or doubt about the game. come join us! :slight_smile:

currently 3 spots open

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we rotate tank colors in war, FFA flags, 14* titans, friendly and supportive alliance.
no mercs or people who leave after a few days.

2 spots open, come join us :slight_smile:

2 spots are still open :slight_smile:

supportive, friendly alliance, rotating tank colors for war, 14* titans

2 spots available :slight_smile:

2 spots are still open :slight_smile:

3 spots are still open

3 spots available if anyone wants to join us before war starts and check if we might be a good fit for you :slight_smile:

3 spots still open. come and check us out :slight_smile:

3 spots open
come and join us after war ends or even earlier if you think we might be a good fit for you :slight_smile:

3 spots are still available if anyone is interested :slight_smile:

3 spots open for anyone whoโ€™s interested :pinched_fingers:

Hi there I want to enter your alliance I send you on line!

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2 spots still available :pinched_fingers:

2 spots open if you want to join us!

2 spots still available for anyone who wants to join us! :cowboy_hat_face:

last spot open, come and join us! :face_with_monocle: