541-Titan Slayers looking for active members (no spots available atm, simple war strategy, ALL war flags used, hit Titan daily, laidback, competitive, active, from 10 to 12* Titans)

We still have 6 spots left, come check us out! :slight_smile:

6 spots left, come check us out!
Strong and international alliance with friendly environment.

6 spots left,
great alliance with a friendly environment and strong members.
We just won 4 wars in a row and we know real life comes always first, but if you open in during wars, use all your flags.

6 spots still available, come and join us!

6 spots available!
Come and join our laidback but competitive alliance

5 spots still available!
5 wins in the last 6 wars, great group, amazing and fun people. Laidback but competitive
Come and join us!

5 spots still available
Great people, alliance and environment!

4 spots available!
Read the alliance description and check if it’s what you’re looking for :slight_smile:

4 spots still available!
Come and join this friendly and competitive alliance! :slight_smile:

3 spots available for anyone who wants to join this great group! :slight_smile:

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