52 Rare Quests a year

Even when i was new… I didn’t do those missions. The juice was never worth the squeeze.

But in truth… I think they should be improved. Recruits 1 had a 2* hero feeder at the end… Iron mission… I don’t know… A troop feeder. Right now… To most… Not all those missions are worthless.

Well some quests more egregious than others…

Find Battle Items I: 20 total WE for 3 minor healing, 3 minor mana, 3 areow attacks

Find Battle Items II: 24 total WE for 2 antidotes, 2 arrow attacks, 2 axe attacks, 2 potent healing potions, 2 super mana potions (and sometimes 1 raid energy flask)

The former quest is arguably hardly or not even worth it even for really new players.

The latter, mostly only if you really want raid flask. (Perhaps at low levels if you really want to accrue super mana that way? Not that that’s a very steady source, mind, and you could often be advancing map stages instead…)

—Or of course if PoV/PoG tasks are “complete quest stages,” but in those cases you’d probably prefer most anything else!


…now compare to Rare quests, which are pretty much useful to everyone

  • at low levels, getting any ascension items you can is still handy even before you have the oomph to fully complete the quest,
  • Rares are a good reason at low levels to work on your most useful available heroes / some early combos / arguably best place to learn to use battle items most effectively.
  • At early-mid levels, Rares may be about the only place to get max-level ascension materials (other than MV clear-sky lightning strikes), and
  • even once you are big enough to reliably complete (and eventually even auto-complete!), Rares are one of the few ways to get guaranteed mats (the others being the much longer seasonal and PoV-even-for-free events).

I’m not against the idea of re-examining and improving bog-standard quests, but the Rares stand out as special and specially useful to pretty much everyone, hence my dogged focus on them!


Hey…I still do the first two parts of the quest because I want the mana potions because I am constantly short on large bones :rofl: and the mobs go into monster chest.

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Ha! Well good to know there is maybe at least some use case for some folks, though my take on that is just Alchemy Lab 1a:

Still, a reason not to rush to judgment against any given Common/bog-standard quests, if folks are finding uses, and as long as they aren’t being used as some kind of specious zero-sum argument against Rares (the way that SG used Challenges and now wants to use Omegas).


First of all, thank you to everyone who’s voted so far — 50 votes in less than a week is a wonderful start!

I hope that we can keep attracting votes because this proposal is

  • simple

  • benefits pretty much all players

  • actually simplifies the Rare quest release rate

  • should benefit SG as well (an actual minor favor to players for customer satisfaction but also nudging the gateway to sell emblems, aethers, etc a bit more)

This should be an easy win-win! Let’s make it so!


The new rare quest undeniably results in fewer 4* mats/year from these quest.

The audacity of the devs to wrap the new policy in a poll that suggests they are doing us a favor disgusts me. Does anyone remember asking for fewer rare quests. Does anyone enjoy being treated like a 3-year old who can be duped so easily?

I’m sure I’m not the only one who noticed that the new policy was changed to fewer mats at the very same time that a new ascension mat portal was introduced to encourage paymennt for these.

The money grab has really hit a new low.


That’s my biggest motivation for pushing back:

We asked for more. Not a lot more, a little more. (A very little more compared to the rate of hero release.)

We got less instead, seemingly as a result.

…and wrapped in “we’re doing you players a favor” (they’re not) and “this will make Rares more regular like you asked” (only it doesn’t make them more regular overall, due to floating Rares, plus it just changes the excuse from “not during Challenge Week” to “not during Omega week.”)

We don’t want excuses. SG is not shy about stacking other events on top of each other; we want a Rare quest, every week, regardless of what else is running.

It’s a very simple, very small ask, and SG really shouldn’t be pushing back on this.


I may be an outlier… But in a week or two I’ll have gotten as many 4* asc mats as i did in 2022… So it seems like they are pulling back… But it was still heading towards a net positive.


I honestly wonder who objects to this other than SG

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SG: “We can’t have Rare quests on the same week as Omega quests because iT wOuLd bE tOo mUcH :wink:

also SG:



Further update:


Somehow, I think if we can handle a Rare at the same time as Super Elemental and Covenant and W3K and seasonal and a rando common quest, then we can handle a Rare during the same week as an Omega.



If the rare and Omega quest can fixed on Wednesday, the same day of the trial, it will make the low tier players to use flasks if they want to complete the hunter tasks

Btw, we have play rare and quests in the same week since introduce of omega, I don’t feel any problems for that and had completed even have these quests overlapped.


Both Rare and Omega last long enough that even if they spawned simultaneously it seems pretty feasible to do both even without resorting to WE flasks, if one employs patience.

(Plus, if you’re gonna use WE flasks for anything, guaranteed ascension mats and guaranteed aethers seem a not unreasonable use.)

Also there’s no reason that even if allowed to spawn in the same week that Rare and Omega should necessarily have to spawn at exactly the same time anyway. (It would be easy enough to have one spawn on Saturday and the other on Wednesday or whatever.)


tonally agree

in additional, i think it will be great if rare quest is on left side as covenant quest sticked with duration of 7 days and just replaced every monday


Is this what they mean by 52 rare quests a year? Covenant, and super elemental, and mount umber all in one day?

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I think 52 rare quests a year means 1/week.


If this were at all deliberate, I suppose that the current quest pileup would… would… illustrate SG’s desire to “save” us from the indignity of having to face a Rare and Omega even in the same week, much less at the same time? (Yeah, right.)

What the current quest pileup actually shows us, as far as I can tell, is that SG doesn’t actually care at all how much quests pile up — that their proposed “every fourth Rare quest is pre-empted by an Omega” schedule would seem to be baldly about reducing the number of guaranteed in-game-earnable ascension materials.


If SG doesn’t actually care about quests all spawning at the same time, then let them all spawn, including actually-once-per-week Rares. No more “but but a Challenge event” or “but but an Omega quest.”


No more excuses.


totaly agree, everything can overlap with everything but no rares, always something but no spawned rare quest :frowning:

we was pointing that month by month, year by year from time time we lose rare quest (few per month)

and you finally look in to our prays and offer us same amount of rare quest (same number with all we lost every few weeks and couple per year)

so offer is just fixed day, not the solution we want to point that we lose every few weeks rare quest and in yearly amount is few less

and your proposal is i repeat :

same amount that we get before (not included ones that never spawned)

hope @Staff_SGG will look close and see our side of story for better for players to finally close this topic for good as this is not solution

Thank you


If I understand it correctly the no quest on challenge event days was originally our choice yes things have changed since then, but we did not say we didn’t want rare and omega. They never asked us or anything like with the rare and challenge event(I wasn’t there so don’t quote me, I’m not 100% sure)

If anyone asked “please don’t have Rare during Omega or even the same week,” I’m not aware of it.

If I had to guess, I’d bet that a large majority of players would be OK with Rares spawning during the same week as Omegas (1) because it would be so easy to just not have them overlap at all, or at most marginally but even (2) even if they did sometimes spawn at the same time, even.

SG just seemed to decide that since “no Rares during a Challenge week” no longer made sense, they’d instead go with “no Rares during an Omega week” because… that means fewer Rares, as far as I can tell. (Even with the four “floating” Rares, which don’t make up the difference in Rares/year and means that the Rare schedule really isn’t much or any more regular than before!)