52 Rare Quests a year

I hope not either, but… you know what?


As a side note, the “4 not regularly scheduled” Rares, I will be refusing to call “extra” or “bonus” because they aren’t either of those things (although I’m guessing that’s how SG will try to spin them).

They are literally NOT REGULARLY SCHEDULED, which defeats part of the purpose of a “regular” “Rare Quest Day.”

(“Regular” in quotes because not really regular, “Rare Quest Day” in quotes because it’s only a Rare 3 weeks out of four, then gets pre-empted by Omega instead… apparently because it means fewer Rares systematically.)


I’ll be calling them “floating” or even just “not regularly scheduled”


“bonus” or “extra.”

So it would be nice to think that this week’s Rare might actually be “extra,” but as you’ve pointed out, it may simply be “floating.”



I never want to hear an excuse like “it would be tOo mUcH to have an Omega and a Rare in the same week,”



we can have an Alliance Quest and an Omega and Goblin Village and a class quest and two regular quests and a seasonal event all running at the same time

…and also in a week in which we did actually have a Rare.

If we can have a Rare and an Omega in the same week, this week, with this pileup above?


Even with an Omega the same week.


I saw the encyclopedic number of quests and thought of you immediately.


I don’t see the suppose Rare quest on Wednesday yet. If it doesn’t spawn on reset when will it spawn? If it is set on Wednesday, it shouldn’t have a radom spawn time should it?


At least two possibilities:

  1. Because there was already a weekend Rare quest, SG may have decided that this week “doesn’t count” yet toward the new Wednesday schedule

  2. SG’s own intent was that Omega was to replace Rare quests once every month, so by having Omega this Wednesday, SG may see this as beginning the new Wednesday schedule.

Furthermore, this may be fortuitous spin from SG’s point of view — by allowing a weekend Rare followed by an Omega on Wednesday, it obscures the stated intent of replacing a Rare with an Omega once every month by pushing that uncomfortable fact back a month (rather than starting off their new schedule with a week with no Rare).

Of course, as I’ve noted, this week just establishes that it is most certainly possible to have a Rare and Omega in the same week, especially when SG has no problem with such a simultaneous pileup of quests as currently. (There is no reason that an Omega need necessarily pre-empt a Rare, nor that it should be even the same time of week as a Rare!)



I think they are just incompetent, they said they will do one thing but they can’t even make that happen :rofl:

Someone might want to start counting those “extra 4” that will be added on-demand lol it will be a long year for you if you buy into their BS :rofl:

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Don’t worry. There should be a few players keeping tabs on this topic, lest Zynga thinks they can “get away” with holding off on those 4 discretionary rare quests. Even then, They can always ignore the uproar, like they usually do.

Question now is: Mirage is the “tail end” after 3 rare quests, based on Zynga’s formulae of 3 Rares, then 1 Mirage.

Does this mean that the new 43-rare-quest cycle starts with Frostmarch on 25 October 2023?


My guess is, inasmuch as the fumble was grabbed as an opportunity by SG, that because there was (whether inadvertently or not) a Rare this weekend, SG grabbed the chance to make the Omega this week so it wasn’t painfully obvious from the getgo of their “shiny,” worse Rare schedule that Omega is and will be generally supplanting Rares.

If they can kick that can down the road for a month, then it’s a month for players to be blaming each other for “OMG Wednesday is worst day” or something else instead of being players largely directing furor at SG for deliberately taking away Rare quest frequency.

Of course, just one sad aspect of all this is that this week very graphically stands of proof of concept that having a Rare and an Omega in the same week is not a problem (especially when they can stack so many quests up currently).

So it just makes it more obvious that their new excuse of “no Rares on an Omega week” just really doesn’t hold water.


Passby to support one of the best suggestion to this game


They could make it every Monday and Wednesday for Rare quest esp that would be 104 Rare quests-year

Being at least two Omega Quests each month

And please, SGG, they should be in the official calendar


It begins: SG has delivered on its promise to make “Rare Quest Days” — not give us a Rare Quest.

We asked for very slightly more in a game with hugely spiraling demands for ascension materials, and SG seemingly used our request as an excuse to deliver less.

The realization of this promise, I dub SG Customer unAppreciation Day.

This, we should not forget, not when we can act, not when we have this very thread: #52RareQuestsAYear

Please — read — vote — act — remember.


And reply the thread with 20x


Bump for continous support on your effort on all our behalf! :pray::+1:


sad to see it’s not even looked to our points about this question :pensive:


Adding my vote to this…they really need to have 52 (or more but 52 is a great number for so many reasons) rare quests per year.


I think having 5 stages per rare quest is too much for me.

Drop the final stage!

Or how about removing the first stage

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imagines SG reading “drop the final stage,” giggling malevolently, removing 4* ascension materials from Rare quests entirely, and only then giving us 52 Rares a year, all while smugly informing players “this IS what you asked for, right, eh heh heh hee hee….?”

Yeah, if we’re gonna drop a stage, let’s not drop the one that is the main raison d’etre for the Rare quest.


Just a reminder that there is no reason we can’t have a Rare in the same week we have an Omega when:


Bump, we should also keep track of those so call on demand extra Rare Quest.

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