50 raids in one day

How is it possible to be attacked 50 times in less than 15 hours? My brother was arround 2500 trophies 15 hours ago. He decides to replace his 3650 team by a 1900. In 3 hours he lost 500 trophies. He revenges 6 of the 10 and get back arround 300 trophies. 7 hours laters he lost 2000 trophies!!! He revenges again 6 of them, all rewarding above 50 trophies. Right now he has 600 trophies. So if I am correct 2500 + 300 + 300 = 3100 - 600 = 2500. He lost exactly 2500 trophies that represent approx 50 raids. How is this possible? Why the game doesn’t limit the number of raids on a player?

As I already said on other posts, I hate the fact I cannot revenge because raid list is too short but in this case even if SG enlarges the list how do you want to revenge so many raids. That’s unfair.

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Raid history is being expanded in the upcoming update it appears, so keep an eye out for it.


Good morning! I personally don’t think that’s necessarily unfair. It seems your brother wanted to drop cups to a lower level, which definitely happened at an amazing rate!

If he wants to maintain a certain level of cups, he just needs to tweak his defense team until it somewhat stabilizes around the area he’d like to be.

As an example, I like to be around 1400 cups, so I keep my team around 2500 power. It moves up and down, but by not putting my best team out there, I’m obviously not worrying about actual cups.


I agree he wanted to drop cups. But as you say the rate is just amazing. Even if his plan was to drop cups why the game choose him so many time in short time? He simpy cannot revenge.

I’m always arround 2300 trophies with 3450 power team (before I was arround 2400 trophies but since few weeks it seems that 3500 power teams are now occupying that range). I’m loosing daily arround 200/300 trophies and revenge to get back to my average. And as you say with your 2500 power team it’s quite stable. If it happens to him why won’t it happens to me? I don’t want to drop cups. I don’t think the game detects he was wanting to drop cups.

Hmmm…I see what you’re saying…

I’ve noticed that if you have way more cups than your team should, you get raided a lot. On the other hand, the raid rate seems much lower of your team power and cups are balanced.

One thing that could be going on, is when you have a balanced power/cup ratio, people think before attacking. When it’s obviously out of balance, people attack without thinking because they know they’ll win. So you’ll get this massive amount of raids early on which then slows down as your cups match your team power.


What’s kinda fun is to switch from your low power/low cup team, back to your high power team. When you wake up, you usually have won a ton of cups in your sleep!

the game didn’t choose him, the other players did. at that point in the game people probably redraw over and over again until they get a team they can deal with easily. your brother made himself an easy mark. too easy.


Dropping cups by making his team so incredibly weak would be why he was raided so many times. At his cup level all he needed to do was swap out his middle hero for a weaker one to create a weak link. That way players with good teams can raid him to drop cups but shitty teams can’t get the free ride. At 1900, the % of player base that can raid him is much much higher than if he kept it closer to 3000.

My team is just under 3k (5 lvl 60 4*, with 3 of them green to make more of a weakness) and I swing from 1800-2000 cups, never bother revenging cups since they are pointless… I just look for teams with a good meat stash when I raid.

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I use revenges solely to find easy heroes to fill my box. I start by real raiding, but once I’ve gotten up to the high 2500-low 2600 cup range, it’s hard to find opponents to finish the mission. (My “normal” range is around 2400.)


About 6 months ago someone raided all the way up to #1, which was around 3k trophies back then IIRC.

He then put a 5 x 1*'s in overnight.

In the morning: 300 cups.

Between revenges and outright attacks, yup you can get whacked astonishingly hard.


He puts yesterday his standard team back. He has been attacked only 6 times up to now :slight_smile: I’m surprised that players with 2000/2400 power try to kill a 3650 power team. He has now 1000 cups.

After reading some of your posts I raided today people with less cups I have and it allow me to fill quickly my chest. I will monitor those two differents stategies in the next days to see how efficient they are to fill 2 raid chest daily.

Thanks for your comments/suggestions.

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