50 heroes instead of 100 for Fated Summon

:rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

You made my day!!!

Since Zynga already was charitable by implementing fated summons I dont think your proposition will have a chance.

Of course I would like it to!!! :+1:

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Now that is new to me.
I am 5+ year ftp and since fate summons have been implemented I got one every time it showed. I hope to get 2 this time. :slightly_smiling_face:

Hey匈 like the pity meter.
At least I am GUARANTEED to get something I want! :+1:

From the longterm ftp point of view I disagree with you with the exception of alphaaethers and maybe ham在ut there is never enough ham! :meat_on_bone: :meat_on_bone: :meat_on_bone: :slightly_smiling_face:

Together with Hotm is 2.5%, thats 40 to 1.
So 50 heroes is considered alright

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This would help players, but I doubt this would move the needle too much on happiness. I say that because we went from no FS to having it. Thats a huge change. Huge benefit. Its obviously not as ideal as it could be, but the mere existence is great. Going from 100 to 50 doesnt change as much.

If folks have a hard time reaching 100, their game is already obsolete. And that brings me to the bigger point宇he quality of heroes we get arent going to prevent anyone from being obsolete. Even the newest heroes are 2.5ish years old.

With your positive vote it would have been great :sweat_smile:
I have made the same proposal on Facebook
In all the groups that I am and they are groups from many countries and so far everyone has given a :+1:

Wasnt aware of this, thanks for answering!

I for one would fully support this. Based on the hero selection we have seen so far, none of the offered heroes are really game changers (well, maybe Lord Loki) that would allow one to compete at the highest level.

Given that, I dont foresee a problem with anyone being able to acquire all 15 of the non-S1 heroes in 750 rather than 1500 summons.

In fact, making it easier to get S2 & S3 heroes without costumes would be a net boon to the game as it would mean players could gradually acquire most of them, and not need the portal for the largely identical costumes we have seen of late. This would put pressure on SG to design costumes that are actually worthwhile, rather than churning out paywalled stat buffs, and that would be good for the playerbase at large.