50 heroes instead of 100 for Fated Summon

I propose that Zynga be charitable to its customers and go from 100 heroes to 50 the requirement to obtain a hero in FATED SUMMON
Thank you very much ZYNGA in advance.

that would certainly be nice :slight_smile:


I know quite a few games which have their pity summons set at 30. Wishful thinking on my part for E&P to follow in those footsteps…


Yeah but I bet those games have cheaper summons than average $1.5 per too

Yes that gets my vote

But no I doubt that SG / Zynga would allow that


This definitely gets my vote. As FTP, it would help my roster a lot :slight_smile:


Honestly, I’m not against this. I’ve somewhat felt like this with every new summon portal too (50 coins rather than another 100 with stages I can’t replay and get extra).


I could check up on that. I’ll see what I can find.

Still think SGG is stingy though. :laughing:


I would honestly vote for this if I thought it may have a chance. However, I’ve been around for quite a while now and I don’t see that happening.
A certain game I play alongside this, actually gives you the latest hero, via an event made specifically for that hero.
You need to complete the event to get the mats and copies of the hero to take it to maximum. It takes about 2 weeks but then you have another brand new hero.
Problem is, I have more than 50 of them maxed and a further 400 waiting to be maxed…
This does not make it easier to fill out your roster, at least not in the way you think.
Yes, you can pay to do all this in 1 day, but then you sit with a hero that may or may not be useful…

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As a follow up…

Game 1 comparison.
Two sorts of pity summons. A generic pity summon of a guaranteed 5* within 30 pulls. A choose your own summon, via a different ingame currency, at the 50th pull. Game also has paywalled heroes, i.e. pay £105ish for a hero. These are exclusive to customers. Not low pull odds, but zero odds to obtain through gameplay.

Duplicates are used for ascension.

Using ‘gems’ would cost 360 for a 3*, and 300+600 gems deal is £4.59. The 600 is considered a bonus.

Game 2 comparison.

300 gems for a basic summon. £0.99 for 120 gems and two basic summons; or £1.89 for 240 gems. Tons of passes, putting E&P’s to actual shame, but offers are tucked away and don’t keep popping up in your face! :laughing:
There are also paywalled heroes. Again, actual paywall not low odds to pull.

Two sorts of pity summons. Guaranteed 3* or 5* within 10 pull for 2700 gems; or choose your hero, and they will replace the 3* or 5* within 30 pulls for 3000 gems.

Duplicates are used for ascension.

Final notes.
Both games give plenty to reward the player through grind. Do this and you’re guaranteed to obtain this. It’s why hero ascension in these two games is far quicker than E&P’s by comparison. Often a 5* is pulled before the pity limit. In a sense they might be even more predatory, but FTP can get more mileage out of them.

SGG is stingy. :laughing:

There are many players who have a hard time reaching 100 to get a good hero, this will help them to keep their game from becoming obsolete and to be able to keep up with the game.
your vote is useful


Thank you @Sapu , I also have a hard time getting to 100 summons to choose a hero.
Where I live the prices are mad.
A $5.00 deal is more than R100.00 where I stay

This means I have to save gems and coins for all the events.

I just don’t believe SmallGiantGames will ever do this. I have been playing more than 3 years, and this game is over 6 years old already.

The fated summon is the very first summons where you can actually choose what you want, but even this is not what it appears to be.

Even at my level of play, there are heroes in the fated summon I either do not want, or need. Then, there is also the fact that what there is, is at least 2 to 3 years old, if not older.

All I can say is keep praying, maybe someone will hear you.


Yes gets My vote Friend

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These guys think giving us a free harpoon or 2 once every week on seasonal events is super nice and doing us a huge favour, why would they do something that could help us get 5* faster? :rofl:

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Yes please!! That would be great!!

No need for that. Better increase the ods of getting EHT’s and allow their usage in all portals older than two years. More pulls are far better than a lower pitty meter.

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The problem with this suggestion is that it returns players back to the RNG. Being able to choose a hero to fill a gap in a roster is very useful for quite a lot of players - maybe not the very top that are vocal in the forum - but many players who make of the majority of the player base.

FS is not going to get a middle player to be a top competitor. It allows that middle player complete more events with fewer resources. Basically, it makes the game more fun for lots of people without causing a ripple at the top. Getting one or two more heroes into these rosters just seems like a great to keep a vibrant player base going.


I agree. To reduce the number of summons won’t solve the problem, the mats and resources needed are also a big obstacle.

To increase the amount of ehts and to let us use them for all the events 2 years or older may actually help more.

Please let me know game 1 and 2.

I believe there’s an unwritten rule about not naming other games, though I never could see this mentioned in the forum rules section. I will allude to their actual names through.

Game 1 is a puzzle game involving warriors. There is no ‘and’ in the title.
Word of warning, aside from paywalled heroes there is no story.
Also has very different matching mechanics.

Game 2 is an idle RPG based on a famous fighting fame series. Road warrior face off or something…