50 flags for 75 stages? What a ****!

I am starting to get the feeling that SGG would like to see f2p and c2p exit the game faster. It’s only 5 more months to the final payout in Q1 2022.

They only need whales to keep pumping $$$$ in, hence the continued tsunami of new heroes and new events.

Once they have secured enough revenue to post their preferred EBITDA, thereby giving them their desired minimum 3rd payout, they will stop launching new events and heroes for awhile citing need to let player base soak in the changes.

Meanwhile they will ramp up sales of 4am to get lucky players to buy them to max their brand new toys. Followed by emblems. And probably Aethers.

Active player base finally crossed 1m on day 2 for ToM (yeah I played stage 1 for 19k points). It should be similar to NT. Around 1.3m.

SGG can afford to lose “bulk players” for 5 months, collect revenue, get that whopper 3rd payout, and then close shop after that.

If whales are 10%, then they will be around 130,000 players. That’s like 4000 30/30 alliances. Enough to run a “global” game for awhile. Then pull the plug

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If they have intention to shut down the game within the next 12 months, whatever they are doing now makes sense.

It’s a fast cash grab, akin to intense milking the player base, till totally drained. Then pull the plug.

Keep in mind that most players are not in the forum so they still don’t know that they won’t receive enough flags at the end of it.

I hope a lot of them will send support tickets complaining about it after they realize it.


Considering what they are doing these days with releasing new events and like 10 new heros every month, not giving enough mats, they really want us to stop playing … its us (the players) who made them sp greedy that they now want us to use 250 gems to complete few stages that is so damn hard to finish … well! …

I “should” feel upset at this, but I don’t care much anymore. :rofl:

SG gonna SG.

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it is not happening as you say

Guys, I ask all players to vote for this post and leave their comments regarding the magic tower event, we are already on the 3rd day and they continue to give 10 energy to this free step, the event will not be able to end since this will leave us With a lack of 25 energy to be able to complete the last floor and if we don’t do something they will transform the game into something where if you don’t pay you won’t be able to play let’s not let them ruin the game


Lol at all the spenders saying f2p can’t complete they have more gems then the spenders do usually

Not to mention you don’t even know if you can do those levels anyway.

How about wait and see if you even need the energy?

Sorry your upset tho.

… I read these comments to a 100 percent f2p and he’s thinks it’s silly sitting on 5k gems or more at all times …

You’re literally participating you don’t have to pay.

And as far as other things you have to make gems purchases for …

Roster space :purple_heart::purple_heart::laughing::laughing::laughing::laughing::laughing:

A hero?

Ninja tower (unless you never lost one level ever)

Completing the event while is very hard bear dare I say … impossible… yields you with tons of blems and pulls … makes sense there’s a bit of a gem trade as the rewards are good.

I dunno I am sorry your upset.

I’m just more mad at game not working properly.

F2P have more gems because they are saving to get discout when pulling. I currently have more than 3000 gems but they are dedicated gems, and I am not even chasing 5*… I only chase Wilbur and Almur… using 250 gems per MT will delay my schedule.


You shouldnt have to buy extra flasks just to complete this event…its a total scam for all F2P players.

Even F2P players that have the ability to conplete it wont be able to.

Notice how a staff member hasnt responded yet…also…im curious if this is direction they wanna go with all events now in the future…to eliminate potential F2P players from competing.

Where is @Petri at to comment on this…were waiting.


Silver alert @Staff_SGG is missing


didnt think it through and pulled too much…

can’t do it… even though i would have wanted


This development is disappointing.

Every other event gives you all the energy you need to complete it. Yes, you might lose a NT level and buy back in to complete. But that’s because of luck/play/board. Not because you weren’t given what you need.

Yes, you can earn gems without spending. But we have not been required to use those gems to access areas of the game. As long as you are in an alliance, you can access every part of the game that your roster/play allow without spending “the most precious” resource.

They’re not monsters and they didn’t insult our mothers. They’re humans who made a decision a large portion of their clientele don’t approve of. It’s not the end of the world. But it is a change, and it is disappointing.

That said, so is getting hosed on a 10 pull while your buddy gets 3 event heroes off of single pulls. This isn’t out of character. We should all know who we’re dealing with. You play so long as the good outweighs the bad.

Venting can be healthy. Get it out. Find others who feel the same and commiserate. Then move on and focus on the good things. I wish you all good luck and have a great weekend!


Well said. This is indeed disappointing but at the end of the day, it is just a game. It’s supposed to help you relax and feel good. If you absolutely cannot live with the new development of the game, maybe it is time to quit. I must say that while I still enjoy the game, my joy has decreased significantly over the past year. Maybe my day to end the game will be here soon.




Maybe as a product of hoarding, but even that is misleading (as p2p can spend all of their gems, and just buy more when they want; f2p don’t have that luxury), but you can’t really believe that f2p end up acquiring more gems [at the end of the day] than actual spenders?!.. That’s just, no… completely backwards.

What would be the incentive to spend, then?! :sweat_smile:

I think it’s pretty clear to all of us [at this point] that players will only obtain a total of 50 flags. If one wants any hope of completing the Tower, they have to shell out no less than 250 gems (possibly more)

& Yes, as you say:

So why should we be expected to front so many gems for something we have no idea if it’s even completable?! Something we’re not even given the chance to test for ourselves first?!

Hun, I’m not upset :kissing_heart:

Ranting on a soap-box? Maybe.
But upset? No, no. When I’m upset, I don’t doubt a mod will have to intervene on account of my vindictive, smart-:peach:, and spiteful nature, coming out. However, that alone would be a very rare occasion; it [typically] takes a lot to upset me.

As I do my very best to be friendly, and keep it PG, here on this forum :heart:

He thinks it’s silly that the min 250 gem fee exists, or that people are complaining about paying it while he already has?

If he’s not purchasing it - as he wouldn’t complete the tower either way - then this argument is 100% invalid. We’re talking about people who want to complete/compete yet are unable to do so due to the mandatory gem costs associated with that.

& Either way, this is anecdotal evidence at best. One sample hardly represents the majority lol

I spose you could argue that’s participation, in some sliding-around-the-truth sorta way. Hell, just like one could hit a titan once and get loot for “participating”.

However, true participation involves the possibility to complete something - from start to finish - without spending the most precious, and most valuable, resource in the game just to try

It would be like only being allowed to use 6/12 of your MT hits freely. Cuz well, now the other 6 cost 50 gems a piece. You participated tho, so you should be happy, right?! :sweat_smile:

Note: I said event/game mechanic that takes gems just to participate in (ie as in an interactive activity). As in something you do, where you apply some skill/effort, and get rewarded for your troubles.

There’s a big difference between having a gem fee for something like roster space, or flasks, where you’re guaranteed [some] item for a designated cost - and can do with what you will - vs having a mandatory fee associated just to play the content the game has to offer just once.

An example: Challenge Events; we all have WE that we earn over time, that give us - at the very least - enough to comfortably complete each and every tier. Hel, you can even compete with what they give you, if you’re good.

However, [here] we only ever have the possibility of regenerating a max total of 50 flags, where the Tower requires 75 for completion, so it’s literally impossible to complete without spending gems. Not even considering competing…

Pleeeease, the rewards are no different, nor better, than NT rewards. So really, why the variance, huh? For something that’s much harder, takes longer, and apparently costs gems just to complete, it sure resembles that other event that requires no additional gem fees just to participate in and complete

…That’s why this :poop: is so baffling.

& Sure, the emblem amounts are solid, but the coins? :joy:

Honestly, I have no idea what you’re referring to, but you can fight two crusades at once…

(You just have to want to)

~ Addendum ~

Alright, so you’ve already mentioned twice how upset I am lol, so feel the need to address this. I can’t tell if there’s maybe a language barrier, some text that’s been misconstrued, or you’re taking me (and this) more seriously than what it is: a simple debate. Either way, imma try and be clear here, so:

I wanna apologize if I’ve somehow come off aggressive, or antagonizing, in these posts [to you] - and in turn, have upset you in any way - as despite having differing opinions [on this matter], I do respect we all are entitled to our own viewpoints. Therefore, it definitely has not been my intention to douse you in animosity, or anything, in any way for expressing yours (if that’s seemingly the case).

However, I’m also not going to apologize for having an opinion, nor expressing em; I’m a very colorful, sarcastic and energetic, yet enigmatic, person [sometimes], especially when I believe in something. So I don’t especially see it as being fair to be labeled as upset for simply expressing that. I mean really, if you must know, I’m not even f2p lol

& To be fair, as soon as you replied to my post with a counter-argument, you should’ve at least half-expected a [respective] response from me. I was just gonna pop in to comment on how shady this practice was, but now, well…

Here we are :woman_shrugging:

I was speaking for a f2p that doesn’t wanna deal with the forum … but ok

I ment I was sorry your upset about the flags thing upset meaning bothered …

Your a sweetie :heart:


Isn’t the offer is 2 flask per day? Which means total 10 can be bought.

Lol that was a typo :sweat_smile:

But thank you, I’ll correct it now!

Edit: Less you didn’t mean the earned flags?

I’m confused lol

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Simple misunderstanding then :blush:

Appreciate the follow-up explanation nonetheless!

And either way, we were probably veering closely toward the point of just accepting: agreeing to disagree

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Me consumed one flask yesterday and it gave me 10 flags, not like Ninja tower with 5 flags. I need to recheck it once again.
I will edit here once me done checking.

Edit - Lol me dreaming again. It’s 5 flags per flask

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