50 flags for 75 stages? What a ****!

Hi everyone, let me start by saying that maybe I dont have enough information but are there 25 stages in the normal section and then 50 stages in the impossible one?
If so, we get 10 flags everyday which is totally 50 flags for 5 days… how are we supposed to finish the last 25 stages of the impossible?
Is it really impossible to finish those cause we dont get no flags for them?
Are we forced to pay gems for flags?
Or are there only 25 stages in the impossible part?


Yup it’s confusing, miss information for no reason.

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Let’s wait and see a bit before making conclusions.

So far the only paid offer that gives more Tower Energy are the two flasks for 50 gems each, and that is still not sufficient to complete 75 floors.

There could be several options:

First, the Impossible levels may be actually 25, not 50.

Second, more Tower Energy flasks could be brought on sale in the next paid offers. I find this one highly unlikely though.

Third, we could get Tower Energy flasks or flags as special rewards from completing tougher stages or from higher level Tower chests.

Sadly since we lack offical info on all of these, we have to complete the floors we have available each day and see for ourselves what is happening. Even if we are left with only 50 free energy for 75 floors, IMO it’s still worth it to gain emblems and experience without having to use World Energy.

It is 50 floors in impossible quest, they have officially announced that (and many beta testers confirmed). You can also check the leaderboard to see #1 now go beyond floor 25 for impossible.

And yes, if offer is kept the same as Ninja tower, every day will have offer of small tower flasks (2x5 = 10 flags) so no worry if you willing to buy the deals.

Hey, yea no, definitely 75 floors total but the other points are valid

Its 75 floors based on information in the forum but they might have decreased to 50 that I dont know of … and dont think it was easy to add more flags instead of 10 every day ?
I reported it cause its 100% a bug!! Boom! :slight_smile: no time to wait… :slight_smile:


I honestly don’t think it is a bug but I would like to see if staff come and say “Yes, we do it on purpose. You need to buy flasks to finish the Impossible mode. Or you can pretend that finish Normal mode is already finish the Tower and call it a day.” :roll_eyes:


You have to pay with gems. SG realize that by making the stage unreplayable, they don’t generate enough money, so they had you pay with gems to play with the hope that some player will buy the gems with money.



So… ToM marks the end of “free to play”. Need to revise that to “free to play mostly, some stages require payment”


Guys, can we please don’t rush into conclusions while we don’t have all the information?

If it’s “donation-only” - I’m not gonna buy it on principal.
But we may have flasks in the final chest of Normal stage.

Let’s wait till we see the whole picture )


I don’t beleave it.
And I’m really wondering why SG hides this kind of information.
It is really very stupid from their side.


Right now there are players in the leader board who have level impossible 40 completed. Which means 25 normal levels + 40 impossible levels = 65 levels. You get 10/10 flags each day, and it’s a 5 day event, so you get 50/50 as most.

You certainly have to use flasks.

If SG will give flasks or you have to pay gems for them, I don’t know. But if they don’t give flasks, then this is the first event in which you have to pay to be in the best tiers of rewards (On day 1 some of the leaderboards have over 25 impossible levels completed)

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Competitive players, who do spend, would stock up on tower flasks in case they need to board-shop for better boards, for better scores.

During NT, some players can finish all 50 levels on Day 1.

No flasks in final normal chest


OK, then I agree - it’s awful plactice.


I really hope this isn’t case. If it is then game becomes pay to play and is no longer free to play. They will have to change a lot within the app and google play store like the automated review responses. I would strongly encourage staff to get a head of this. Who knows we may get inbox flasks the final day. Your player base is about to angry again and it can be solved very easily. If it is flasks later on I would just announce it. If it’s nothing then simply put, this is no longer “a free to play game where spending can progress players faster.”


From SGG’s standpoint, finishing 25 stages is considered “completion”. So in that sense they probably see it as giving you 25 extra flags lmao. But yea it’s kind of messed up.


not saying I like it…
just that it makes sense… they are called impossible…
and there are flags available… I know… I know…

just saying they picked the right name


Best comment in the thread )))

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No, SGG already changed that ridiculous stance since 2nd beta iteration. There are no more easy and bonus floor. Finishing the first 25 floors is no longer considered as completion of the tower, it is only completion of normal levels.

Once you finish an impossible floor, your label in the leaderboard is impossible floor x, no longer “completed”.


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