50 blue pulls, 10 at a time. purchases gems. Not one 5*?

It’s randomness like this that inspires is to wander away.

But you have my money, so you’re happy.

But it’s not a bug, just The odds. :expressionless:

Not a bug, just SG typical odds…

Ps. Spending gems on elemental summons is not recommended. The pool does not include any ‘special’ heroes that are often more effective than the regular ones. Save your gems for events or atlantis. The regular blue ones can be pulled there as well.

Ps 2. No it is not a bug, it is completely normal. The odds are really low. 2.5%. That is twenty five successes out of a thousand pulls on average. And you pulled only 50.

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How is this a bug? Where do you get from that 50 pulls should give a 5*?
You must be fun at casinos.

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