5 weeks... help

So I have worked for 5 weeks and so confused with 2 and 3rd teams. Did pull replacements for 1st team

If your account is 5 weeks old, you likely don’t yet have the ascension materials needed for the final tier of the 5* heroes.

You could consider leveling a rainbow 4* team first, those heroes would help you in gathering more materials. Caedmon Kiril Proteus Chao Scarlett for example. The guardians could be the next.

Start working on 5s when you are getting close having the ascension materials. 5s also need much more feeders than 4*.

If you feed with same color feeders, you get more xp per feeder.

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Thank you for the information. I was working to get a front team. I will take the advice and work on the rainbow team.

I knew I could only get so far on 5s.

Thank you very much

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