5% War defense bonus for online players

Offer an incentive for people to be present during Wars.

It’s the closest thing to “playing defense” strictly by being present.

A) has the potential to increase online activity, which is good for SG.
B) adds a dynamic when choosing targets
C) rewards those who are active
D) makes you pay attention to your team/opponent - seeing the green light pop on gives you fear or hope (depending if it’s your opponent or teammate). Or you see the light go red, and it’s go time.
E) allows additional defensive strategy.

And so on.

Let’s make this happen!

Don’t think it’s good. Because then let’s be online for 24 hours. It must be fun.

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Not to say that this feature can probably lead to cheating when people install phone emulator on pc, then install simple bot to show some activity to not being disconnected due to inactivity and voila super active 24h online player

Don’t do, cheating, but…

My favorite video of a supposed hack shows a mobile tap tap game being played by a Drinking bird ( Wikipedia link )

Might be fake, might not, but very common pop culture trope.

They had to make revenges possible in the top 100 due to the bots people were using to stay online 24 hours. So “stay online rewarding” has been bad juju before and would be again.

If it wasnt for that, I’d be open to the idea


My next idea and feature request is going to be to get rid of cheating.

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