5 * vs 4* (same ability)

Is it worth it to max some 5* which have the same effect than 4* stars heroes?

To ilustrate it:

Justice vs Hu tao

Khagan vs Scarlett

Horghall vs Skittleskull

Quintus vs Tibertus w / costume

Isarnia vs Grimm

On the heroes mentioned I would choose always the 4*…they are all slow and very hard to use in the current meta…but when you are FTP and 5* are hard to come by they are worth ascending…

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So , their utility (those 5* star) are more for f2p than for those who do regularly lot of summonings?

thanks for replying

The 5* still have better stats (obv) than the 4*. It would depend on:

  • What your other options are for 5* of that color
  • How many AMs you’re holding onto/how much you plan on summoning in the near future (i.e. higher/lower chances you might use those AMs on someone else if you’re a big/small spender and might/might not be worth holding)
  • How deep your 4* bench is (you want to make sure you have a solid 4* bench before spending too much time/resources on 5*)

Without this information, just based on general grades of heroes:
Justice > Hu Tao
Khagan < Scarlett
Horghall = Skittleskull (they both stink without costume, wait for another hero)
Quintus < Tibertus w/ costume
Isarnia > Grimm (although Grimm is quite good if you need help on 4*s)


This is most likely true. It is also true that the 4* will prove very useful early on in the game, especially the pulverizers and Scarlett (I have two maxed of Grimm and Scarlett). I rarely used Hu Tao.

However, as a F2P myself I can say that I have yet to max Khagan or Quintus and rarely use Horghall outside of a mono green or 5* rush tourney.

For me in raiding, of late Isarnia has supplanted Grimm+20. And Justice is my best option for tank.

Whether it’s worth it to max is dependent on each hero independently. A 4*+20 is approximately a 5* unemblemed.


Once it is reached what to do with those 5* that are not so good like Khagan ? Lets suppouse i have a solid bench of 4* and not too many materials to take the risk of maxing an underpowered 5* but i want to start growing my 5* bench to add variety

It would depend on the first two bullet points:

I will admit, though, that there is some personal preference involved. Being a very CTPer (I can no longer call myself an FTPer, having bought a VIP pass and Valor Pass :disappointed_relieved:), I hate holding onto resources for so long with an overloaded 4* bench because I think it’s inefficient waiting for an unlikely pull at a 5* hero when I don’t pull very much anyways- so I’ll usually just go ahead and ascend a not-so-good 5* on the bench once I hit ~10 of a 4* AM (because I figure the next “good 5* hero” will only have to wait for 2 more, and even the bad 5stars are still a maxed 5* on my roster).

I’m pretty sure most will disagree with me though (like most of my fellow alliance members) and say hold onto those AMs/don’t waste them. They’ve got a point- 4* AMs are hard to come by. A little personal preference really- I’m just too impatient and really need 5*s of any kind at this point.


You can try the 5* out at 3-70 and get a feel for how (s)he performs. For the meh 5’s their utility does not make a giant leap when maxed, unlike the snipers that really only excel at 4-80. If you don’t mind using the 5* at 3-70 you can also do so at 4-80 with better stats. If you detest it at 3-70 don’t bother maxing. Maybe try out on different stages, during AR.

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We are kind of in the same boat, im finishing the last couple of 4* to go up 30 maxed epics and have a couple of duplicates ones like proteus and rigard maxed too. Thats why i decided to start running three tc 20. Having 3 tc 20 allows you to pull one hero a day up to two heroes only one day.
I will be thankful of pulling any classic 5* though those ones the op mentioned are not the best they can be fun! .
Im sitting now close to 20 tonics(no green 5* in these 10 months of playing) so i will be able to max even horghall ! not ideal but as i have all the good 4s maxed i dont care . And waiting for a better green 5* could take ages

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I was also focusing on 4* so far, really wanted to get some war depth first, and yes, my first maxed 5* was Horghall. I got him on 3rd day of playing, took him to 3-70 already and said - why not? At least he’s ok at rush attack tourneys - he helped mem getting A grade defence in last two 5* tourneys (Horghall + 4* only). My defence in current tourney is 5-1 already. Also I use him daily at least in some raids… Will I use him in a year? Maybe not. But he had his spot in these 5 months, and I can imagine it will be like that for a while.
Proof: :joy:


I dont see myself raiding with Horghall because my main team, they are fast or average with Almur, Hansel, caed and c.mel. Horghall could be useful for a second green team or a vf tournament and why not some pve ! Valhalla hard , quest? idk

I have little John costumed and emblemed and if i dont go full mono sometimes he simply stays out of the raiding team .

although as Little John i recognize that horghall can fit well with almur nature def down.

My wish is to pull Lianna and in a cosolation prize elkanen or Kadilen who are pretty decent paired with Almur def down. But as i said before if horghall happens to be my first 5* green i wont hesitate to max him asap lol( my alliance @norbertg tank with green so horghall alongside my vela could fit the role)

Glad to see hes doing well for you ! and congrats for that A . I know slow heroes can be tricky to play but im glad to see that still people talk about some success using them.

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Very rarely I use mono, but if I use green, it’s c.Melendor, Almur, Peters, Caedmon and Horghall. So, sth similar to your set up. PS. Just working on Hansel. :relaxed: