5* vs 4* ascension views

I have read, several times, that a 4* 4^70 is often preferred over a 5* 3^60.

Remembered that when I started considering which 5* should I take to 4^80. It made me wonder if two 4* heroes at max would be a better choice vs a single maxed 5*.

Obviously, choices would have to be made depending on what is in the roster…but what about a general sort of rule.

Thoughts pls.

Since wars reward roster depth, I’m a strong proponent of maxing multiple 4* s over a single 5*. While I still recommend maxing the best 5* s, I wouldn’t even start any 5* you plan at leaving at 3-70 for an extended period of time. E.g. I’m working on Joon over my 2nd Jackal or Wu Kong, but I’m leaving Richard untouched and levelling 2nd Grimm and Sonya instead.


Wars are not my problem. Titans are where I am pointing.

My first problem was choosing beteeen Nat and Azlar, but it gets worse choosing between Scarlett, BT, Colen and Gormek.

But a good dilemma.

If you are willing to use a loooot of battle items, Gormek then Scarlett. Otherwise, BT is the obvious first choice. Then do pulls in Guardians and get Falcon. Colen is the all around guy but I won’t prioritise him in anything.

As I do the math, For each 5* 4^80, you develop, you could use the same resources to make TWO 5* 3/70 heroes, or THREE 4* 4/70 heroes.

A 5* 3/70 costs ~60% more than a 4* 4/70, not nearly as bad as the cost of a 5* 4/80.

Knowing that, you can make educated choices on where to best spend your resources. To my mind, the associated costs do back up the idea of only doing one set of 5* 4/80 and back-filling 4* heroes as Wharflord suggested, at least in most circumstances.

Only nine hidden blades

Forgot that I have Falcon and Kelile, but have stopped levelling them during AW hiatus.

Using the time to move tc19 to 20 and now researching moving one tc4 to 11.

As soon as research done, will return to using tc19 to make fodder. Then bring Falcon up.

You would use the bird as a third red, or to replace which hero?

Wait, do you have Grimm or Tiburtus maxed?

And what did you do with Nat and Azlar? What levels are they in?

If you have either Grimm or Tiburtus, you should go economical and do BT first. Then Scarlett and then Falcon.

Use at least 3 reds with Wu on titans. Ideal 4* titan team (that doesn’t need a lot of items) for me would be Scarlett, BT, Falcon, Gormek and Wu. Replace Falcon with a 3/60 or 3/70 red for now. Grimm and Tiburtus can replace Gormek for now.

kinda regret or bit shocked now. i just levelled my 5 star blue magni to lvl 3 ascension & realized last tier needed 6 telescopes of which i only have 1 & telescope is pretty rare. 4 star seems easier to ascend on e other hand like my wu kong & melendor reached max ascension. 5 star is really ex & materials like super hard to get

My 5* all 2^60 and all my 4* 3^60 except Gormek 3^40 G Falcon 2^20 and Kelile 1^40.

No Tibertus.

How did you get this? Did you count food or rare ascension items?

The upside is that Magni will still be useful at 3/70. Not as useful as a Grimm at 4/70 but still good.

Ok, all you need from Gormek is his skill and as long as its 8/8 then you are ok with gormek at 3/60. I would give Boldtusk then Scarlett the ascension mats.

This entire discussion also depends, at least as far as titans, on whether or not you have Wu Kong. I have 1 5* hero, but almost every 4* in the game at Max ascension. I put 3 strong color 4s in against a titan with Wu on the end and hit harder than most teams with 5 x 5 Max ascension heros.

I didn’t count ascension items, mostly because they are random enough to be hard to predict, especially which one you will get. The ascension items for a 4/70 and a 5/70 are exactly the same. The “food cost” is 60% more for the 5*.

I was counting food used to level up a hero and food value of the feeder heroes used. I assumed I was running TC11, so each hero costs 1000 food; I assumed 50/50 1*/2* mix, and counted food spent on ascensions. I also assumed same color feeding.

I’ve compared other feeding styles…and the absolute cost to level up a hero will change, but I’m pretty sure that the relative costs of 4/70, 5/70 and 5/80 heroes will be the same within a percent or two.

BWH, I have never been a fan of tc11. It may be because I bot gems and was lucky early with a roster of 21 4* and 4 5* heroes. I raised one tc to 12 as a bank while slowly levelling. When SH reached 15, one builder worked sh and second tc. At tc19, I am drawing down tc12 and have quickly raised all but dupes to level 60.

I would say, max the crucial 4*s for titans first: Wu, Bold, Kiril, the triplets and if you have them the guardians. After that just choose who you like most and fit your playing style. I would go with some dispellers and healers, because they are very useful for raiding and wars.

I disagree on leaving the 4*s at 60 if their special is maxed, because 60 or 70s have very different attackstats and titans are about tile damage, so you will want to max the heroes for titans as soon as possible.

Tc11 = extra low cost… 2 recruits, 1,000 food, and 2 hours for a 1* or 2*… pretty much a staple of my training.

Ski party, your roster mostly 3*, balanced 3&4, mostly 4, 4/5?

I used tc2/3/4 to use ad kits and prc swrds to bring my mostly 4* heroes up slowly. Developed a raid atk/def team while largely ignoring most of them. Then came wars and vip.

Rushed one tc to 12 while pushing the sh hard. When sh got to 17, I left tc12 alone and pushed second tc to 19. Still using tc4.

Getting enough iron to keep moving sh and tc was tough, but raiding was good. Ham was never a problem. Recruits were at 6-8 and the recruit II quest.

The millions of hams stored in tc12 fed tc19 so fast, my worry was ham for levelling and ascending.

Simply, I found this approach more practical. I had no need for 3s. This is now true of not needing to run tc20 since I pay to play to an extent.

Buying gems near the events is cheap. I will do a couple 10x rolls. If I am unlucky and need little fodder for new heroes, then I will run tc20.

Just a different approach.

3 Camps run 11… the other is 1,2,11, or 19 depending on shortages… I have more 4*/5* heroes than I can process… so 13 and 20 don’t appeal to me…

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