5* Troops in Troop Summon

I’m interested in SGG creating a 5* Troop for each color (just 1). It could be max level 40 and only gotten from the Troop summon perhaps with the 1.3% chance that 5* Heroes often get.

What do you guys think?

just stop it. been playing this game forever and still working on maxing 4* troops, now you want 5*??


I think it’s a bad idea

Pretty small portion of players that even have 1 set of 4* troops maxed, let alone 3 to 5

And those are expensive time or money or both as is

5* troop would make the effort in those irrelevant and stretch the field even further

Would cause further separation between top players and bottom players and push the game even further in the favor of whales


I just saw hundred dollar bills being burned in a fire lol

No thanks. 4*s are plenty of a grind for me.


Bad idea! Then, I will still be leveling my troops on my 99th birthday :older_man:


Well, it has to be implemented eventually.
Maybe in 3 years time. Who knows.

no it doesn’t lol, it wouldnt make the game any better.

let’s keep focusing on adding more features and content for 3 and 4* heroes and get more people to level up 2 and 3* troops.

Investing in 6* heroes and 5* troops just makes a ton of content go to waste really quickly. That ‘sunk cost’ feel a lot of us feel from having played the game for so long also goes away the moment budget players are using 5* lineups with season 1 heroes and 4* troops against, oh I dont know, season 4 6* troops with a .002% summon rate and 5* troops.

I mean if we think raiding vela and telluria repeatedly is boring, wait until the first 5 6* heroes come out and that’s the only thing you see.

blagh :face_vomiting:


5* troops not a good idea as there is many players you don’t even have 5 4* troops and let alone levelled up yet either it would be to much for a new player to deal with and no point in even playing the game that’s my opinion

I think this is a bad idea. What’s next? 6* heroes?


Ahhh! Bite your tongue. Lol. Let’s hope not… at least not any time soon.

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I think making it more consistent would be a good thing.

Current 4 star troops become 5star legendary troops

Current 3 star troops become 4 star epic troops

Current 2 star troops become 3 star rare troops

Current 1 star troops become 2 star troops

The default troop with 0% bonus than finally will be distinguishable from other the current 1 star troops, which will be reflected by a star difference.

Since other troop levels have 3 troop types , it would be cool to add another type in the Legendary spectrum.

But for now, Please make troops consistent with hero levels first.


See, I had this idea too when I started new, not until I started to level troops…then that idea suffered self destruction…
Think of the vast resources needed to max a 4* troop and you will understand…

There seems to be other threads…on this same request somewhere…

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You cannot be serious? Seriously? After more than a year i have just barely managed to get 2 x 4* mana troops to lvl 11 and 1 to level 9 (won’t take a crit troop past lvl 6) and I am out of troops although the summons gate and farming keep pouring them on thankfully. Do you have any idea at all about how insanely resource intensive this is at level 6 or 7 even (on a 4*)?

4/80 +20

They could do something similar with troops. An emblem type system could provide the next level of troop without nullifying the work already done on 4* troops.

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And the possibility to “train” (crate) troops… :slight_smile:

I think that’s a bad idea. When you have a 4 stars troop, it’s already very hard and long to level up. 5 stars no thanks.

The only good thing about introducing 5* troops would be you’d only have three horsemen left to identify.

Ok two if you count Telly/Vela…

We have 6* heroes — there just called emblems.

Guessing You’d have to pry the term “5*” from the cold, dead hand of somebody in marketing

When i put 3 years time, i meant like a very long time in the future. Such content would not come out so soon considering the game only came out less than 3 years ago. If it will come out it would only be like 10 years from now. Maybe you wont be playing anymore, or even if this game aurvives long enough for that to happen.

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