5* Trainer Heores

how about adding 5* trainers and troops … for 5* trainers (Master Trainers) just like the other trainers already maxxed out, but with twice the abilities of a 4* trainer hero… whether or not itll be useful in battle, remains to be seen, but if they would prove to as useless as the others, make them into feed, in which would give TWICE leveling up capability of a 4* trainer… and 5* troops, I havent quite thought that one out yet…

5* troops? Would be nice, but I can allready imagine the gnashing of teeth among the older players that have invested a bunch of resources in the 4* ones, thinking " OMG, I have to do it all over again?"
By the way, it’s allreay very hard to get 4* troops as F2P, can you imagine trying to get a 5* troop?
Still, it’s a nice idea

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