5* Team feedback

Hey guys,

Was hoping to get some feedback. I’ve been especially lucky in the last 24 hrs and pulled both Santa and Evelyn. Now I have enough hero’s to complete a rainbow 5* team and would like to know whether the community thinks the potential line up has merit.

Line up: Evelyn - Magni -Santa- Khiona - Vivica

The only other 5* I currently have is Mok Arr…

Appreciate the feedback, thanks

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not bad but you either need to switch Magni and Khiona or swap Viv and Ev. With that lineup you waste Khionas special.

This is why I am reluctant to use a “tank” if I ever pull one. Khionas special is awesome. I am using Lianna as my tank currently to take advantage of Khiona with Lianna and Joon.

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Your points on team position are well taken. I agree regarding her special, I’ve been running Wilbur with her to maximize it which has worked great but realize at some point I’ll need to transition away from that team up.

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I don’t use wilbur on Defense.

I will need to change things up soon too. I don’t like using the same team for too long. But her and Wilbur are a lot of fun.

I mention it because while raiding I see quite a few people not taking advantage of her special and placing healers or similar next to her.

Lianna doesn’t need khiona’s buff to murder attackers lol. If anything, you’re sacrificing by not using a tankier hero in middle.

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Fair point but Khionas buff adds almost enough to take out a full health enemy.

I don’t have a “tank” by the definition in the forum.

Looking good.

If it were me I would order them like:

Magni, Evelyn, Santa, Khiona, Vivica

Vivica - Magni - Santa - Khiona - Evelyn

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