5 star with armor debuff

There is no 5 hero that single target hit/nearby with armor debuff beside Athene.

I know there are 4 stars but a 5 star got better stats.

You have Isarnia. Blue, 5*, slow, hits everybody with armor debuff.

She has the strongest directly applies armor debuff in the game.

Yeah, she hits everybody. But he was asking for a 5 star, with single target / nearby hits…(whyever)

Splitting hairs but whatever

Cause the single target nearby hitter got average mana gain.

And Isrania is kinda soft.

Yeah but there are no 4* purifiers exept Rigard either. Or 3/4/5* with the same ability as Kiril either.

Only pointing this out to show there are examples where an ability doesnt exist for all colors/all stars.

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Unless you’re ready to take the hero to level 80, Grimm or Gormek will do exactly what you’re looking for. Both are extremely competitive at level 70.


Getting a 4* blue troop that does mana gain can do good things for those slow heroes. But those troops do have to be levelled a lot to bump up to something close to average speed.

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@Coppersky currently, as far as I can tell, let’s look at Monastic Battle Mages, max stats + 15% mana.

Currently, with mine at level 11, it’s 9% mana gain. For’s a slow hero (12 tiles to full) they can do it with eleven heroes instead of 12. With a max troop, I’m not sure how they round, but you’re still looking at “11.5 tiles” from 10 tiles, and I’m not sure if that rounds up or not. I don’t even want to know what level that ends up being, because even @Arien is running 13/13/14/14/8 on their 4* troops.

I chose to go with Mana gain over other stats, but currently, they’re almost not worth it. Thankfully, they vastly outstrip a 3* hero. So I’m not complaining.