5 star troops coming?- [Dev response reply #21] Spoiler- No

New description… is it a typo or are we getting legendary troops soon?


Is that beta or have you just completed normal season one?

Will this reward be sent to everyone who previously completed it for no reward I wonder :thinking::thinking::thinking:

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I got it today too, when I updated, and I completed Season 1 a while ago

It’s Live. I just updsted, it’s for completing season 1.

Yes, everyone who already competed with get that reward. After downloading thee update.


I got this from raids mission

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I got 2 tokens from a Monster Chest…

You guys are getting off topic, this isn’t about Atlantis coins. It’s about legendary troops. Look at the description. Yes, I know everyone got this with the update that finished season 1. That’s not what this was about. Focus people.


Should’ve read that before throwing away my two coins :confused:

The Summon page still only says Rare or Epic troop, so meh.
On Topic enough @LucasDaoc? :wink:


I certainly hope their will NOT be 5* troops. First of all they weren’t in beta, second of all people have already invested huge amounts of resources and moepnwy in their 4* troops.


While that certainly may not be the hope of many. It really won’t stop SGG from doing it because of Gem purchase for even moar Troop Pulls.

I’m not going to speculate till I see the whites of their 5* eyes… :wink:

(I haven’t heard anything. Possible, but I don’t know.)

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@Petri bug or not? Are we going to get 5* troops?
I’m just on the verge of doing a 10x troop pull and this is critical info.

I AM going to speculate :grin:. It wouldn’t surprise me if they did this because leveling troops is easy—just needs a lot of food, but no ascension items.

I figure there is currently a firm power ceiling in this game. Once you max your heroes and your troops, you’ve got nowhere to go. That means they either have to add another hero tier (6*) or another troop tier. Given that choice, I’d be much less upset by the latter than the former. It’s so much harder to max a 5* hero than a 4* troop because of marshaling all the ascension materials. So if SG really wants to increase the challenge, this is what they’d have to do.

But did anyone notice that there is now an option to convert more buildings? After I got my barracks, the conversion option only existed there to convert back to the level 5 forge it started at. But now they are on other things, like farms, training camps, etc. click on it and you get this:

I bet cash money one of those new advanced buildings will be a guild or something where you can train new troops. That would cushion the blow too if 5* troops.

I’m definitely not a beta tester so this is all deductive reasoning by me. Time will tell if I’m right.

(It does bear the question though: what’s the other advanced building?)

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Got answer to my support ticket: It’s a mistake. No legendary troops are planned at the moment.


I think troops are harder to max out than heroes. And I really hope there is some kind of bug. In my opinion 5* troops make absolutely no sense. They will destroy all balance. Developers could go different way, make 3rd groop of troops instead - critical, mana and whatever.

About convert button I noticed, it was not before. It could mean something but in same could mean nothing. Like to make base for the future.

@Sara, @Petri - could we please have an official answer here, before rumours get all out of hand?

Pictures or it didn’t happen.

@Rook was it allowed to post pics of support tickets on forum?

Oh well here goes:


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