5 star team - How to set it up?

I have the following heroes ascended fully.

Blue: Athena, Magni, Alasie, Isarnia

Yellow: Musashi, Deliah, Guinevere, Leonidas, Vivica, Justice

Green: Lianna (x2), Horghall

Purple: Sartana (x2), Obakan, Thoth-Amun

Red: Ares, Khagan (x2)

Which ones would YOU choose for raid, titan and defense?

Appreciate all help.

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My type
Defense Mangi, alasia, Ginewra, Lianna, Sartana
Defense maybe Alasia, mangi, Ginewra, satrana, Liana xd
Raid : Tank red -two blues, tank yellow two purple itp.
Titan: the same what Raid

Raid atack: Lianna - Athena - Ares - Magni - Lianna

Raid defense: Sartana - Lianna - Ares - Magni - Lianna

Titan attack: Athena, Ares sided with 2 strong color, Vivica

I have only word for that. Respect. How did you do to get 36 darts? Or 24 telescopes? I got respectively 12 and 5 in one year.

I think it could be due to good placenents on events, A+/A titan scoring and time.

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I’m new to the game, got my first 3, 5* heroes but I didn’t know you could get the rare items for a and a+ hits on titans. Think I’m going to have to do more research. :grin: any tips let me know (for higher scoring on titans.

You need to kill at least 10* and above titans. I add the at least because so far I only kill 4 10* and nobody in the alliance got 4* items.

Its not granted to find ascension loot but you’ll always have better chances to get it (if the titan’s level allow it)

To deal more damage:
(U) unique buff can stack with © common buff, common buff replace themself with the last casted.

  • (U)Attack boost
    • Wu Kong
  • ©Attack boost
    • Brienne
    • Boldtusk
    • Kiril
    • Bear/Dragon banner
  • ©Defense debuff
    • Valen
    • Ulmer
    • Grimm
    • Gormek
    • Tiburtus
    • Isarnia
  • Elemental debuff
    • some event heroes

doubling strong color heroes (replacing weak ones) is a wise choice


Thank you, the list was very helpful. But if you wouldn’t mind please explain more in lamen terms the quote,

Sorry I’m new, my team is on 5* titan a the moment. :grinning:. Do you mean, certain level titans only allow certain tier of loot?

this is my battalion any tips to ugrade certain heroes to boost my chances of scoring higher on titans, let me know.:wink:

Kiril and Boldtusk should be gotten as far as you can level them for their attack buffs. They’re heroes good for anything in the game so far, except maybe the really high titans. Grimm should be a priority for his defense debuff which multiplies damage inflicted, as should Tiburtus and Gormek with the same special but different colors if you can get them. Pray for Wu Kong, the titan damage multiplier god. He looks a poor choice on the card if you don’t think about it, but he’s a real game changer.


I’ve read times ago that you can find unfarmable ascension items past lv V titans (and that A+/A increases titan’s loot lv by 3) but I could remember wrong…

@Dante2377 I’ve just wrote something wrong in this post?

You can get unfarmable ascension items off 1* titans. It’s just very, very, very unlikely. The two times I did I was at the A+ level, and I don’t know if a lower level would have a chance.

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In the past you can get 4* ascencion items even on 6* or 7* maybe less, I don’t remind very well :). Now even on 9* you don’t get anything. SG has enough top players to stop rewarding new ones for free. You have to pay if you want to join the top player club.
Regarding titans loot. It works with tiers. Depending of your score (A+/A/B/C/D) and the number of titan stars you will be assigned a tier. The higher tier you are the higher chance you have to get something usefull. There is a good post I can’t find now on this subject. But as for heros roll when we are talking about chances to get something we should be below 2% for 3* items and maybe 0.0001 for 4* (that’s my feeling :slight_smile: not a proven statistic). But I should be close as 9* and 10* (only 4 so far) didn’t reward me any 4* items in 5 months.

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I pulled wu kong and 2 5* heroes today. Can’t decide which ones are worth upgradING for the long run bearing in mind I will be on the hunt for more 5* in the hopes of getting the top 5* heroes . These are the ones I have at the moment. Which ones would you choose to upgrade? Also would it be advisable to upgrade wu kong before leonides? :hugs:

Yes, Wu goes first over Leo.

red - finish BT
Blue - finish Sonya if you can, if not Grimm
Green - Finish Lianna
Purple - Domitia
Yellow - Wu (gamechanger)

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Agree with @Rockstar9280 except on blue.
I would go Grimm–>Alasie–>Sonya as a good defence debuffer is important for titans and Alasie is ■■■■ good.


Yeah the Blue I was up in the air on. As for Alasie I don’t know much about her use to give an opinion but @EvilSmoothie knows what he is talking about.

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agree with @EvilSmoothie Grimm goes first.

If this is true, and man I’d be amazed if you’d gotten that many 4* items, then I guarantee you’ve been playing since the beginning and have massive amounts of experience - WAY more than anyone who will read and reply to your request for advice.

So either you are amazing and just here to crow a bit (and mad props to you)

Or you are making up stories.

I’ll choose to believe the first and say ‘you are better than me in every way. my advice would be to ignore the people on the forum and follow your gut.’