5 star heroes

What are all of the ways and the BEST way to obtain 5* heroes?

There is no best way. It’s all gonna b relative to if and then how much money u wanna spend on the game. I will say that the stats shown r not guaranteed numbers. They’re probabilities. U could get 3 legendary heroes in one pull and then none for another year. I always tell folks to get their TC up to 20 and then u can always have a training camp going for one that costs nothing but good and soldiers. Other than that save up those gems and Atlantis coins! Best of luck too! :crossed_fingers:


BEST way is TC20. It has the best odds of getting a 5*.


TC20 is the best way to get 5 heroes, but even that could take a while to get even one 5*. If you’re f2p save up your gems for a seasonal or atlantis summon, but that’s not a guarantee.

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All the ways:

TC20 with a 5% chance (although I have gone 3 months between 5*)

Epic summons, through the Epic Hero token or gems - I believe around 1.3% chance

Elemental summons, same as Epic but one colour has higher chance - overall still 1.3% not sure if you can use Epic Hero tokens here

Atlantis summons, Atlantis coins or gems - with varying chances for Atlantis 5*, old HOTM 5*, adding up to around 2-3% or so.

Event summons such as Wonderland, gems only, Event or classic 5*

Seasonal summons such as Sand Empire (summer season) for which you can use Epic Hero Tokens or gems , Seasonal or classic 5*

You also get a chance at the current HOTM or every epic summons for all of the above plus for Epic Troops.

I THINK that’s all about right.

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Thanks. What does HOTM mean?

Hero of the Month. They r the picture above the top box. It’s Ramvir this month

Hero Of The Month, a newly-released hero that is shown at the very top of the summons screen.

Old Heroes of the Month are made available each Atlantis summons. Two per time. That is the only way to get them again after the month they’re released is over.

Some HOTM are really amazing like Gravemaker.

That’s him this month and where ya can check the hero out


So if gems almost never get you 5*s like they should, what are gems good for then?

What do you mean “like they should”? You buy a summons with gems and you have a chance to get a 5*. The odds are even shown in the info box of the summons so you know what the chances are up front.

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I just checked the odds:

Epic Hero summons is 1.5% chance of 5*

Elemental Hero summons is 2.5% chance of 5* but you can’t use Epic Hero token.

HOTM is 1.3% chance on top of the above.

This DOES NOT mean if you use 100 pulls you will get 1.5 5* (or 2.5 in Elemental). You could easily still get none. Or 6.

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It should also be pointed out that only classic 5* are available in TC 20. No HoTM. No season 2 heroes from Atlantis. No seasonal or challenge event heroes. Not sure if that was stated.


Nope @nevarmaor, cannot use EHT at the elemental summons sadly.

Edit: Should have scrolled down more before posting. I see that been cleared up. Sorry for the repetitiveness :pensive:

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To just piggy back of @nevarmaor here the percentages shown r the likelihood’s of getting that type of hero. In no way should u toss a ton a money thinking “well I’m getting close to a 100 pulls so I’m due.” Statistics and probabilities r not and never will b concrete. It’s literally a 1% statistical edge the casino has over u at blackjack but I don’t many folks who always come out of the casino down a couple bucks or breaking even. Don’t worry about the odds. Play it when u wanna and make the best outta who u get. There r some AWSOME epic heroes that easier to max and get much better bang for the buck on hero tokens

The following from zephyr1 should be required reading for anyone getting anxious about pulls. Especially the perspective part.

Note this is for the HOTM but is pretty much true for all 5* summons.

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Thanks. What is the highest a trainer hero can be? 3 or 4 star?

4 star.


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@jinbatsu Ok. Thanks.

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