5 star hero needed

I would like to note a complaint on behalf of my son who plays under the name " brasshothead" he has been playing this game about as long as I have and has made purchases and plays daily. I have gotten six 5-star heroes, my other son has gotten about 10 5-star heroes and to date he has yet to get a single 5-star hero. What can he do to improve his chances of getting one? He is getting frustrated with the game and may quit playing if he doesn’t get one soon.


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Unfortunately there is only a chance of getting a high tier hero (3-5% I think) out of the training center and a slightly better chance in elemental summonings. There is no possibility to improve his chance as far as I know.

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I’ve said this elsewhere, so I’m sorry if you’ve heard it already:

I’ve played for six months, spent a little cash, received no HOTM or any 5*…However, I’ve got a few 4*, and found I’m much happier developing them. (That’s me, might not be you.) :wink:

Due to ascension items coming in atrociously slow, I find it’s actually more beneficial in the first many months of playing to focus on 4* heroes.

Add to that the fact that half of the 5 stars are garbage anyway and the chances of getting a good 5 star team are so slim I stopped caring about them whatsoever. If they come from SH20, cool, at least I won’t be salty I got one of the crappy ones since it’s free. I won’t pay gems for those anymore though, the odds just feel way too against me. Don’t want to get “lucky” another useless 5* I won’t even ascend.

With a team of 4 stars you can experience most of what the game has to offer. Only the top of the leaderboards will be unavailable to your son. It’s also possible to actually have a choice of 4* fully ascended heroes (at least 2 of each color) without paying impossible amount of money to roll for ascension items.


Well said.
I have 1 5* after my spend and several months of play… and it doesn’t make my normal day to day team. Why? Because the sucker is stuck on ascension level 2, and is weaker than my 4* guys. I only play her when doubling up colour against a Titan… and even then she’s a bit fragile.

With good variation and depth in a team of 4* there is nothing you can’t do in this game. 5* is only necessary to compete at the top.

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Been hoping for a 5* hero for almost 4 month now and still got nothing spent a few measly cash and still got nothing reached TC20 for almost 2months but only gave me 3* heroes only. The thing is when you reached your 4heroes full ascension, you stop gaining team power and that’s where you get stagnant. Waiting to get a 5 hero will become an obsession and getting a 4* one won’t be enough. That’s the problem.

Team power doesnt carry much weight. Team composition carries more. If you have a solid 5 hero team of 4*, then develop another team and another team. Once you have 6 then start developing oddball heros to throw in the mix for wars. Variety is very useful in this game.

You want to be able to color stack against any opponent as well as have a special skill for every occasion

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@tkrasky, is your son still playing? Did he get those 5*s?

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