5 Star Hero from MV Club!

Congrats :tada: & welcome to the club !

Doesn’t matter what you missed earlier … you can announce the past heroes you got & it will be noted in the club’s records !

We trust our members🙂

Cheers !


Shared/mentioned this in the separate thread and was brought here to share it in here!

Got a EHT from Mystic Vision a couple of days back and did a pull on the assumption that I’d get a feeder since there were only 2 heroes in this Seasonal Event. I got Xiaotu instead!

My red projects continue to change. Will be giving her a lot of focus after I max Zagrog, since I had planned to do him as quickly as I could.


Welcome to the club, we are the lucky players who got 5* from MV. Something to celebrate in this (sometimes) frustrating game :grin:


I really like this, and I’m surprised no one thought of it before. Well done. I will share once I have the privilege of a random eht 5*.

Then again, for some reason I suspect I got my first 5* Raffaele the same way when I first started playing, and was summoning every chance I got…

Anyhow, thanks for creating this thread.


Well, for the record, we will accept your word about Raffa…
This club adds to the FUN of using that MV got EHT immediately :grinning::smiling_imp:

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It is a fun way to celebrate something in this game :yum:

Actually we have this thread before which is a club for HotM from MV, a more specific feat. You can check it here :

HoTM from MV Club (or Mystical Berty Fans Club)

And with your rafa, you are one of us :rofl: