5 Star Extravaganza

I finally have collected enough materials to ascend any four 5* heroes. Here you’ll see my current linup with all the heroes in waiting at the end. I welcome any suggestions as to which 4 heroes should get the mats.

I would max

Devana, dispell is always nice to have and her hit is solid.

Freya, good defence hero and good offence support.

Zagrog, his hit is good and he will be mire usefull than another burner.

Nice heroes!
Your weakest color is red, I would do Zagrog and costumed Azlar.
The actual meta favors purple tanks, so I would add Devana and Hanitra to your maxed heroes.
Dispell and dodge are usefull skills.

Happy gaming

In my honest opinion, I would level up:
Then see what you get next
Whichever heroes you choose good luck

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