5 star dark

I have GP as my only dark 5 star ascended. Who would you ascend next Khiona, Sartana, or Aeron? I also have 4 star Sabina fully leveled.

Out of what you have I only have Khiona and she is awesome. Pair her with a couple fast snipers by her side and it is gold. I use Wilbur as well and that combo is great!

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Thanks Rockstar. Iā€™m probably leaning that way.

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All 3 choices are good in their own and all deserve to be ascended but I have seen a huge difference using Khiona myself.

Between using her and Wilbur I have been able to stay in diamond regularly. I have had a high of 2816 cups.

I use Wilbur Joon Khiona Lianna Rigard for raiding. Khiona is the only one not maxed yet (4-72).

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LOVE Khiona. Certainly the best choice. And this meant, for me, leaving Sartana at 3/70


I only have Khiona for dark 5* and she is very useful in most situations (titan, raid attack/defense and also as tank thx to her 700 def and att) try to put her next to 2 powerful heroes. (I like khiona + tiburtus combo, link advantage + can get rid of annoying heroes, good pair against guenievre).


I pair her with 2 tibs on yellow titans.

For raiding I prefer fast snipers by her side.

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