5 star dark and red Ascension?

I seem to have a couple different colored 5 star max decisions coming.

For dark Grimble or Domitia, red Tyr or Marajana, blue Snow White or Rafael.

It really depends on your needs and roster of heroes. If you want a purple sniper, Donitia is your girl, especially if you have her costume. But if you want a sturdy hero that deals minor damage to all enemies on top of killing their minions and providing mana to your allies per minion killed, Grimble is your goat. Tyr vs Marj, I would ascend Marj by reason that she can be improved by reason of her costume and emblems while Tyr may have better stats, he can only be improved by emblems alone. If you want a good blue healer with tanky stats, then Raffaele is your guy. Snow White is a luxury hero good for players with a deep bench of heroes. SW deals massive damage to all enemies when there are several buffs, debuffs and status ailments afflicting both allies and enemies as well.


Thx for the input, I have Sart maxxed no emblems and Ariel up to 14th node as center tank. I do like Domitia being the rare 5 star dispeller too. Part of me being partial to Tyr is me being a wolverine fan.

Marj. hits hard, especially with a few emblems to up her attack stat. She is a staple in the game for anyone, even if you don’t use her on defense because she is a rare fast red that actually hits.

Tyr, while not bad, is just not up to her level of lethality.

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