5 spots open. 5/6* titans - Titan Hunters

Titan Hunters 10 has a couple of openings for new members. Whether you are new to the game or a seasoned vet come join our cyber family. Requirements are low and include hitting titans, participate in war and be active in chat and gameplay. 5 days inactivity without letting us know why will get you kicked. Currently we are fighting 5&6* titans and have a score of around 63k. Thanks.

I have 3 serious players (including myself) looking for a new home; we are a package deal. Are you serious about absences, hitting titans and participating in wars? That’s what we’re looking for. Also, are you on Line or Discord?

We have three spots left. On average out 27, around 22 are able to hit titans. I would say we’re 50/50 casual to competitive. If you want to give us a try you are more than welcome. If you decide it’s not for you on harm if you leave. We do run a fb group page. Doesn’t get used much but it is there.

For wars we normally have a couple players mia but manage without.

Thanks for the info! I’ll check with my friends and see if they want to make the switch.

Sounds good. I’ll let the other leaders know and we’ll keep the spots open for a bit.