5* Options

I finally have the ascension mats for Red and Purple but don’t know which to choose. I haven’t started leveling any of these yet so they are all still 1/1. I have the other three colors at 3/70 but missing mats for final ascension, of course.

Red I can do either Zim or Azlar. I am currently finishing Wilbur and have BT maxed but no real great offensive options, so I’m leaning a bit Azlar.

Purple I have Victor, Kage, or Kunchen. I am guessing Kage is best option here but figured opinions would be good.

Maxed 4* purple are Rigard, Merlin, and (soon to be) Proteus.

Victor is a great hero, Kunchen is a good healer and Azlar is a strong attacker but Zimkitha and Kageburado are top notch.

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Some might find it controversial, some might not… but since you specifically say you’re looking for offensive options, for reds I’d lean towards Azlar. Zim, although a better hero than Azlar in general, is serviceable at 3/70. Conversely, a 3/70 Azlar is worse than a maxed Colen. Moreover, Azlar is deadly with Wilbur, this combo is used by quite a few top players in alliance wars, so it should cover that offensive problem for you. And he has insane tile damage for titans. Mind it, you can’t go wrong with Zim either, but I find a maxed Azlar more fitting for your current roster and your needs.

Purple - absolutely Kage. If you have not yet done that, make sure you get a 4* mana troop up to lvl 11 to charge him up with 6 (or 3 ghosted) tiles.

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I asked regarding this and as long as you have even lvl1 mana troops on kageburado, he will charge at 6 tiles (3 ghost) with one other Sakura family member. I’ll be running him with Inari, but mitsuko ammeona danzaburo sumitomo will all charge him up at six.

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