5* Obakan Costume

Obakan Costume
“Shady dealer” (Obakan in a shady trench coat)
New class: Fighter

Health: 1599
Defence: 500
Attack: 750

Special: Cleave and chaos

Deal 100% damage to a single target.

All allies counterattack with 170% damage reflected for three turns.

All enemies counterattack with 100% damage reflected for three turns.

UMMM enemy reflect what was shot at them??? Makes little to no sense

I thought Seshat would be his wife. :rofl:

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That’s the idea, it’s complete chaos. :joy:

Everyone dies quickly

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The reflect turns on after the shot.

So basically everyone gets injured (through tile damage or specials) in a bloodbath after the power is fired.

If you want to make it even more insane, cannot be dispelled.


lol at the blood bath

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Blood, bath and beyond…

Bumping this thread. Would love to see lots of riposte chaos with Obakan’s costume

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I know they made tiburtus a kiss member more or less so that probabaly makes this less likely…but obakan has 80’s hair metal written all over him…if hes in any costume its him holding an arrow pointed electric guitar and hes getting ready to strum a tasty powercord on it with a pick in his right hand, guitar strap coming over the left shoulder…hes got the stance and all with little work needed

Could call the special Rift and Reverb




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Ahh spelling…lol thought it looked weird.

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