5* Newbee Help: Best use of 20 Hero Tokens and 6500 Gems for upcoming events

Hi all,

I’ve been playing E&P for about 3 months and have got a decent 3300 TP team with mostly 4*'s and a single 5* (Kunchen - who is great IMO). I also pulled Boss Wolf during the Grimforest summon, but don’t plan to level him at the moment (2 dark 5* tanks?). I have a lot of good 4* hero’s that I am leveling in accordance to Anchor’s hero guide, but wouldn’t mind getting another 5* ready as I am quickly approaching TC19 and have about 2,000 rugged clothes and food stored in TC13.

Anyway, I’m looking for opinions on the best use of 20 Hero Tokens and 6500 Gems in the upcoming events (Springvale/Atlantis/Guardians/Summer Event), with the hopes of pulling some of the better 5*'s, but wouldn’t mind getting some awesome 4*'s. I already have the better 4*'s in Wilbur and Proteus from Atlantis pulls, but no Atlantis 5*'s.

My thought would be to burn the 20 hero tokens during Springvale with hopes of getting either Master Lepus or Frida, and saving my gems for Guardians of Teltoc, and completely skipping Atlantis this month. The other options is to save the 20 hero tokens and continue accumulating them and wait for the Summer Event with the sand people.


I am using my Atlantis coins in hope of frida. No harm if I don’t.

Going to use my tokens for spring vale.

Blow my gems on as many pulls as I can if gravemaker makes it to Atlantis.

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I’ll use my coins on Atlantis, maybe some gems (also hoping for Frida).
I may use some tokens on Springvale and Guardians (see how it goes).
If no joy in a decent amount of pulls, I’ll hold the rest of the tokens for Summer :slight_smile:

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Tough question…the only real good on springvale as you mentioned is Lepus; the sand event provides a wider range of good heroes…so i would split my tokens …
Atlantis has a lot of great ones…Ariel…Tarlak…and so on…Guardians got Guin…Arthur…i would do again split and try both…fingers crossed :grin:

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Depends on who is featured in Atlantis.

I’ve got around 10k gems, 11 epic hero tokens and I will probably have 300 Atlantis coins by the weekend.

I plan to probably do at least 1 Atlantis 10 pull.

However Guardians is very strong too. Jackal and Falcon are two very important 4*.

I can highly recommend both Guardians and Atlantis. I would use epic hero tokens on Springvale and use your gems on Atlantis and Guardians. If you get lucky and pull Lepus with your epic hero tokens then save the rest for the summer Sand Empire event

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Knights of Avalon has Guin etc, Guardians is the Ape & Owl disaster! :upside_down_face:

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Best use of hero tokens is during a seasonal event.

Spring is Springvale, coming up soon, that one has the bunny heroes
Summer is the Sand Kingdom
Fall is Morlovia with the vampire heroes
Winter is Saint Nick’s challenge

You make the decision of which one is worth it


That’s a bit of a biased way of presenting it.

Guardians has two of the most important 4* in Jackal and Falcon and has Panther too. Guardians 4* are definitely better than Avalon’s 4*. Yes Avalon has better legendaries overall but with the low chance of legebendaries that isn’t the primary concern for most people.


Just making fun, but Guardians is the only one where i wanna pull 4 instead of 5 stars. :slightly_smiling_face:

We know when begin springvale??

Sacre bleu you’re right :sweat_smile: my bad

I can only tell you how I feel about it, depending on my roster. My gems go to Atlantis, first because of the variety of summonable heroes. Second, I have jackal from guardians, no need for other ones, because I have better ones waiting for the mats (kage, zim, inari, musashi), so i don’t need them waiting at 1-1 for a year, beside them not even all being good ones. My epic tokens go to Springvale, mainly because I want the 3 and 4 star rabbit for challenge events, where their drawback doesn’t count and because these tokens burn under my fingers! :smile:

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Gems: Guardians and Atlanis
EHTs: Summer event

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By the way, i didn´t say Avalon is better, that´s pure interpretation. :slightly_smiling_face:

Agreed, LOL.

(even though I wouldn’t complain if I get Panther)

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