5 new heroes

Fire Hero
Attack 750
Defense 650
Health 1400
Special Attack: Eternal Immortality
Low Charge
*Caster deals 450% damage to the target
*the caster earns 30% health recover and 30% mana, attack, 30% shield for 3 turns, this cannot be canceled.

Dark Hero
Ades: God of the death
Attack 750
Defense 750
Health 1500
Special Attack: Army of souls
Type: Low charge
Special attack:
*Caster deals 200% damage to all enemies.
*25% of the damage turns to health to the caster.
*If target dies there is 30% chance to reborn with the same amount of health and mana of when he gets killed and serves the caster.

Yellow Type Hero
Shubenacadie, arcane angel
Attack 699
Defense 699
Health 1250
Special Attack: Pray
Type: Fast Charge
Special attack:
*Caster causes - 25% attack, defense and mana rigeneration of the enemies for 3 turns
*Allies get + 25% attack, defence and mana regeneration for 3 turns and this cannot be canceled.

Green Type Hero
Hypnos, God of the peaceful dream
Attack 800
Defense 650
Health 1300
Special Attack: Sweet dreams
Type: Fast Charge
Special attack:
*Caster deals 333% damage to the target.
*Target is hypnotised and his special serves only the caster once per special attack.
*When target whakes up he gets 25% damage, mana recovery and shield.

Blue Hero
Miral , Shining blue princess
Attack 650
Defense 800
Health 1300
Special Attack: Ice shield
Type: Low Charge
Special attack:
*Caster causes -30% mana recovery to all enemies for 4 turns.
*Total reflection for 2 turn.
*Heals effects on all heroes.
*+25% defence to all heroes.

Parameters can be modified.


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