5* Nature/Dark Hero's to Ascend

I have posted a few pictures here and I am one ascension item away from being able to level a dark and nature 5*. Who should it be? I’m leaning Taralak and Sartana

Maybe it’s easier to see this way. Sorry for the flood of pics.

Yeah, I agree that both Tarlak and Sartana are good choices to ascend next myself. One replaces Wu Kong in most titans, and the other is a reliable sniper.

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Nice roster.

Tarlak is solid but depends what level titans you are at.
Albi would be next.

Sartana is the everlasting purple 5* but Kunchen if you want an extremely tough tank.

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9-10* titans right now. I had every intention of finishing Alby and then Taralak came along. We change our war tanks every now and again, so Kunchen would be great for that, but already have Aegir and Guin for tank spots. Either way each one of these four will be ascended it’s just who is waiting another 6 months to get there.

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