5 months into #no spend

So here we are with a 5 month update after finally deciding to check the grass on the other side of the road.

With such a loyalty community, years of friendship, epic war stories, and being part of one if the best forums I have had part of, I can honestly say that it was tough to stepbakc so to speak as I have many real life friends from the same city playing with me. Some were ftp, most c2p, however we did have to whales in the mist so seeing how each group responded to #nospend was interesting to watch.

I finally was able to Look at E&P like a used car, was fu. When I first got it, but over time problem after problem arose until it was simply time to get a new car. After trying a few games and them not clicking i really found one that actually harnessed what every ftp player is looking for and that was the ability to grind anything in game with time and effort versus $$.

Looking at what features stood out most i decided to ask the community here which of these advantages i have found in my new game would actually rejuvenate the community here. Being that these are implemented in a game that is grossing extremely well and is also a hero collector i felt it only.fair to see what the community would think if SG actually learned from someone else and implemented those ideas here.

1- we have hero and training tickets. However in the new game the have 3,4, and 5 star tickets to be used whenever u want.

2- garunteed 5 star ticket once per week as long as you log in for 7 days consecutively. Pretty self explanatory

3-duplicates have been a thorn in everyone’s side since this game started. My new game allows duplicates to be turned into coins. 3 stars silver, 4 stars gold, 5 stars platinum. These coins can be used to purchase anything in game with various amounts, including 5 star heroes, ascebsion items, world energy flasks,etc… heroes also go on sale once per week for only 5 platinum coins.

4- weekly payout in gems for your tier in pvp. Bronze would get 100, silver 200, etc. Giving much more incentive for pvp.

5- when a new hotm is released in my new game, after its 2 week run it becomes a classic hero and has a chance to be summoned anytime, this meaning in E&P after the hotm gas been featured it then could be gained from the training camp. Event heroes go into the coin shop with a set purchase amount of coins to get them whenever.

With dailys and pvp gems I am to farm enough for at least 3 to 4 10 spins per week with no v.i.p. package at all and we all know the length of time to save for a ten spin in E & P. The logic of making things hard to get keeps balance is crap when people can always purchase to gain advantage. The newer game even has pvp split in to 2 seperate sections so whales can go at each other all the want without the expense of bullying the ftp to do it.

I feel many of these could be added here to E&P and could easily cause a resurgence in the love we all used to have for the game. As always thanks for your time and all feedback is appreciated.


I have checked that game , though i find his features free to player oriented and enjoy them i cant play only because the topic of the game doesnt attract me.

However if some day SG implement those mechanics the community, im sure, would be so thankful. The sad part is that those features are kind of contrary to the predatory policy empires implement i find very difficult they implement them anyday soon


All of that would devalue everything that everyone already has. Not only is it unlikely but they are terrible ideas and would drive away people who spend money and actually support the game.

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This is weird to me my other game is only 5 months old and has absolutely no problems getting people to spend. When everyone in the game can achieve heroes through work and not hope believe it or not they actually play more. I have been in the new one since day 3 of launch have spent mildly three times in 5 months and have a very nice roster, and you know what everytimr I spend I know i…getting something to benefit me no matter what when even duplicates have a use. If you think access to more heroes for everyone would ruin anything you are sadly mistaken

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I also am not an […xxx…] fan, but that game had me hooked (thanks to some good pulls too).

I find myself now more happy to log in there then E&P, even tho i still play this game.
But it’s more to not want to waste all the things i build in these years rather then really want to play.

Even this event i really did it the bare minimum, without caring much about score.

In the other hand the […xxx…] game is all new and kinda refreshing.
And my experience on this game help me grow faster and focus on some heroes first.

I guess the real difference is really see F2P goals not impossible (or really long) to reach.

Effort really can pay out.


Thats the main thing I have noticed also elpis. You actually feel rewarded for your effort and are allowed to make some parts easier as your heroes level versus always at the mercy of the board. When I log into e and p now feels like a chore. I find it hard to look forward to anything as there is absolutely nowhere in the game that isn’t gonna take forever if you not paying


Looking for some more feedback. One person said that using the ideas would mess up whats already been done and also thought that implementing any of them would diminish profits. I dont agree but any other thoughts, be glad to hear them

Let me have a think of the points in the OP. :thinking:

  1. I assume the hero tickets are equivalent to summon tokens/coins/keys in E&P? So training tickets are used for ascension?
  2. Sounds good.
  3. Sounds like three basic currencies. Sounds like there are some nice deals.
  4. A different PvP set up.
  5. Sounds good.

And gems are also currency by the sounds of things?

Generally I’m not a fan of a game having too many currencies. One game I’ve followed since its first iteration has only two currencies (basic and premium; both can be earned through gameplay). Hopefully the game you refer to won’t introduce more currencies into the mix.

The sticking point I think is the PvP set up of this other game. Not that it can’t be done, but it does seem to mean radically changing E&P’s system to accommodate it. I can’t see it alongside the current tourneys, for example.

How does the split PvP work? While it sounds like whales and C2P/F2P are separated, is this by choice or other means?

Our heroes have costumes where as their heroes use a gear system similar to an mmo so to speak. The equivalent here would be pvp with full emblems and costumes by the whales and a seperste pvp the ends when u start adding emblems and costumes, thus when your heroes are capped at 3/70 and 4/80, their costumes and emblems would not be counted into team power. On the whale side everything including emblems and costumes would count into the set up. That’s about the closest I can get to explaining how it works. However u are able to farm things to use like full team attack up, full team defense up, some heroes in your roster give buffs to other heroes of same faction like humans, elves, and what not as well as each hero has specific passives. So costumes and emblems only make team power increase to the max for whales where as use of items and team comps are huge on the other side. Everyone has a fair shot to work to get better at their own pace while earning weekly currency for there placement on both sides.

And as you work on heroes, gear is interchangeable until u decide that you really like one and you can make that hero a specific gesr set that will give bonus stats when all peices are applied to that hero. So you get credit for playing both sides of pvp but the one that pays out weekly gems is ftp friendly u win more pvp points and in game gold on the whale side and they also have specific events on that side also for them to compete for avatars and what not.

Gear can be moved around for practice and they have friendly geared and ungeared pvp rooms to play with your friends list or allaince mates to practice builds. Being that you control who you work on when it’s totally up to you when you want to step over to the other side. Once you find a particular character to your liking you can match peices of a set to them specifically so that they get bonus stats for each peice of the set they have assign to them. If other heroes use it they won’t get the bonus but because of using gear heroes can actually put to good use within and hour of pulling at times as you can level them up and put a nice set to use for farming and learning

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Are the starting heroes of “this game” always the same or it’s possible to beging and reroll?

Looks that it doesn’t have auto play, or it’s implemented later on the game?

they don’t give everyone the same heroes to start, and I started from day 3 to current so a lot has been added since then, when one of my friends joined a few weeks back I was really surprised at how much more they had to do already versus when I started. The way things unlock other than a very good role for a hero that wasn’t available when I started. Most players follow the same struggles as they work there way high enough in the story to join an alliance which was another huge feature, they make sure you know how the game works before you join an allaince.

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it has auto play and just recently loot tickets have been added to speed up dailys. The thing is they have several events running at all times, multiple banners to pull on and an actually story that they keep adding more to in chapters. The main thing that will make all ftp happy especially coming from empires, it is easy to amass gems, empires its 2600 gems for a 10 spin there its only 30. Averaging 1 or 2 tens spins a week with just normal game play is quite feasible.


Just posting to say i’ve quit to be F2P now… but on the other game.

Once i realized the first app i check, the one that i start to program what to do and upgrade, don’t want to waste energies and so on is the other game, it was clear for me where i eventually have to invest money now, as little as i do.

No turning back now, i’m really stiff when we talk about money.

No matter how much this game will improve from on, my budget has been moved.

As long as i stay in this game, i will always be F2P from now on.


@DoctorStrange @Elpis I’d love hear more of your perspective on this subject. Would one of you PM me @ Line ID will_braveheart


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Wow just. So to celebrate 6 month anniversary of the current rival of my time from empires, they are literally giving away 14 tens spins(1 per day) just for logging in not to mention Your regular 7 day 5 star ticket you recieve. When is enpures gonna learn that holding everything hostage does nothing but frustrate everyone and the more people have to work with the more apt they are to be willing to spend very hard earned cash especially in today’s covid economy.

Wake SG up guys, demand change!!

No use to call it Hotm if the Hotm is available in coming 2,3 months its available as common hero

Yes but still have to pull it and if you think anyplace here would bebupset knowing that every HOTM would go to the raining camp a few months of release(still with the same odds of pulling them) you are sadly mistaken. When people feel their money and TIME is being appreciated there wallet has a lot more ease opening on a regular. I would love to see a pole released for some of these implementations to be added to our game and see what the playerbase really thinks. You may be surprised with the outcome and if i am then I guess you would be right o. Your assessment. The more players feel the are able to achieve be it pay or play the more apt they are to stick around. With some of the big names here who have gotten fed up it would seem like you would be behind retention but apparantly some of you get off on bullying nooobs to make you feel like a player which is pathetic to say the least.

also heroes are realeased in multiple banners with highger pilling rates at dufferent times, which helps cause even in the general pool it would be hard to get a specific hero especially since there are more there. People looking for certain ones would still pull on the higher rate banners because the only way to super awaken and fully max your special is with duplicates. However not having to rely on your special for the win doesn’t make this a pressi g issue for ftp and only the whales have that to deal with as the try to murder each other in the elite pvp bracket.

Very interesting response. Does anyone know how we could make a poll of the options on this post @Guvnor

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