5 minions on seshat

I had a good raid so wasn’t paying much attention to my Heroes. At the victory screen i noticed my seshat had 5 minions.

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I admit, that’s odd. My alt has Seshat, and she’s never had more than 3 minions.

I sometimes get 4 minions with Seshat, but this happens when the minion is about to die as she attacks an enemy with counterattack. It’s strange that she kept five minions once the battle is finished.

I’ve never seen this before

I send you two videos.


@Silencio wow really amazing…

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Huh… I just assumed there would be a coded cap on a setting for whatever the global max was (three) …

Proves she’s not a zombie … she’s just a super tired Sartana raising quintuplets.

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Wasn’t there a similar issue with Noor having more than 3 minions before? [WORKING AS INTENDED] Noor called the fourth Sparrow. But that was addressed already. I dunno how possible 5 minions existing on the same hero when the 4th one already removes one of the 3 already existing, capping it at 3. Visual glitch?

At a guess I would say that it is like the noor situation that @Ultra linked.

Basically staff stated this:

So my interpretation of this situation (with seshat) is caused by the battle logic too:

Essentially I think the battle logic flows:
-> Run Minion Effects (damage/healing/replicating etc…) -> determine fight end -> Remove excess Minions -> Start other team turn.

So essentially (specific to the Seshat case shown in the OP), what I think has happened is:

  • Player turn ended
  • Seshat had 3 minions
  • Minion effects processed (damage & replication) for each minion; with the final (3rd) minion killing the last enemy
  • Raid ended

Because of the battle logic, the 2 extra minions would have disappeared but because of the battle logic ending the fight, it got “stuck” showing the 5 minions.

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