5* Mayhem in progress- Hero Advice please

I have been rather lucky with TC20 and a couple of wonderful Token Draws, however, now i have a great problem. I have 12 5* heroes and not a whole lot of Ascension Mats. So would really like to hear some opinions about who i should go after to fully Ascend for a monster Attack team. I will list them and the levels they are at in order. Thanks for any advice.

Sartana 4/80
Joon 4/36
Magni 4/11
Isarina 2/35
Perseus 3/45
Marjana 3/54
Natalya 3/50
Lianna 3/39
Not started leveling
Justice x2
There they are, i know i cant really make a great 5* team with what i have so any opinions will be greatly Appreciated.

Sartana, Joon, Magni, Marjana, Lianna are great for titans and raids
Justice Aeron Vivica if you need defense
To be honest most of those are worth leveling…altho between vivica and justice…justice is a better center tank but less usable overall.

Based from what I’ve seen from my fellow 7d alliances & top rank cup leaders

I’d go with: in order


Do Marjana before Nat

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I agree. Marjana is now almost at Final Ascension. And can be done. Thanks for the input

Thank you very much for your reply. Im not sold on Natalya, i do not really care for the little damage that she doles out. Marjana seems to be a much stronger offensive weapon. The rest of the order looks pretty good. Thanks very much for taking the time to give me advice.

Based on the fact that you have sartana, Joon and magni at 4th Ascension, you have marjana/Natalya and lianna that should have mats ready.
Personally, I like aeron and isarnia as well. Vivica looks good to me on paper and overall is more versatile than justice. Are event heroes an option or are you just considering who you have?

Oh heck Yeah, id love a Guenevere or a Falcon, just not lucky enough to have snagged them. As for Mats for Lianna sadly enough I do not have them. Did you have a suggested other Event Hero?

With these three hitters, you might think about at least one healer and potentially a defensive tank specialist.

Either Viv or Aeron would be worth ascending for the healer role. Given your opinion of Nat (who is more important to control a battle than for her damage), My guess is that Viv’s Heal+cleanse+defense buff would serve you well, though Aeron’s fast mana is attractive and the one I would go for personally.

For the final slot, it’s either:
Marjana - another single target hitter who can be an effective tank
Justice - a straight up tank
Isarina - for a big hit to everyone

Only problem with Isarina is that you have to figure out who to tank, and none of your 4th ascention folks are very good tanks. I’d be very tempted to bring Justice up for that reason.

A team of Joon, Aeron/Viv, Justice, Magni, Sartana looks pretty tough to me, but it does have the drawback of letting people stack purple against Justice and Joon (and maybe Viv - another reason to go Aeron). so either bring up Marjana to tank or Lianna to replace Joon.

Joon, Aeron, Marjana, Magni, Sartana?
Lianna, Aeron, Justice, Magni, Sartana?