5* heros are worthless so save your money! 4* Heroes are almost as powerful and cheaper!

Jackal is a staple for most of our members and all we hit are 12*. The color drop in defense stacks with general defense drops. It makes for some good hits againts Titans with high defense like 12*. But you need to have someone like Vivica or turtle or dragon banners to keep him alive

I suspect that only Vivica + super mana potion does the trick?

Super, medium, small, tornadoes, timestops, a lot of yellow tiles on the weak spot…

Take your pick :grin:

From the forum rules:

  1. Do not discuss or debate publicly any of the disciplinary actions taken by staff, moderators or support. This includes: account and in-game chat bans or warnings, forum moderation (suspensions, silences, topic closures or post removals). Posting any private messages or e-mails (regardless of topic) received from staff, moderators or support is strictly prohibited.

So we probably ought not to be debating the question in a thread. I think if you read the last couple of sentences in that post carefully, though, the decision may make more sense to you.

Cool, so now that I have Thorne, Thoth, Obakan, Elk, Aegir, Kad, G. Kong, G. owl, Thoth and Boss Wolf, I can stop spending and compete at the top! :laughing:


Looks like you’re closing in on two solid entries :smile:

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I didnt hide it. apparently i said the devs were scamming people. I was told seceral people flagged it as offensive and to cease and decist

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Been there

Just gotta word it better

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Yep! Im not so good with words. Combine that with peoples different lacks of comprehension and it goes south fast… my bad.

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I’m impressed the OP has fully leveled a few dozen 5*'s. What’s that? 24, maybe 36 D blades and tomes, 150+ 4* AMs…

Wouldn’t that take a lot of random loot luck on top of buying every special offer? I want to know that secret.

You want to know the secret? Every time an offer for gems is available that contains a rare asc item i buy it. Al least i used to. Before i sold my company a year ago i was spnding more than i can talk about as im sure my ex will find this and sue me for more money.

In addition i get like 4 or 5 30x summons every atlantis. That leads to 2 or 3 rare asc items from the 9 atlantis chests. Those chests are the bomb. And when i still owned my own company i purchased every pack that had a chance at rare asc items. But over halloween i purchased 6 or so offers that had rare asc items. I cant remember how many were offered. Over the course of a year but its a lot. I dont buy gem packs that dont offer rare items and never will. So if no packs are offered then i will buy no gems and as it sits i currently have no gems for atlantis. I dont care about 5* heros at the moment. I have more to level than one lifetime will allow.

As for war chest and rare elemental chests i have never got a single rare asc item that i can remember. I think war and rare chests are worthless. I have got a lot of rare items from mystic vision and from titan chests and titan loots so thats all i can remember. I started playing two years ago and quit for 5 months a year back and now im back. Thats all i can remember.

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Now i know why SG can become so rich :joy:

That is the real value of the 5*, defense able to hold cups.

Kashrek is able to hold cups. :rofl:

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Cyprian isn’t… Anyway I don’t meet many Kash tanks over 2400…

You will if you see me.

Im probably the only one right now. :joy:

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Kash is a decent tank, I usually re-roll when I see him, as I raid three red strong. If I don’t get six red tiles on him in the first few turns, I’m usually done… Ok! We’re drifting away from the thread…

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That is cencorship. Plain and simple. The person is stating his opinion of his own experience. The flaging of it shows new players like myself that either SG or moderators know more of his opinion than they would want me too. Too hide a criticism is a sure fire way to highlight ir imo. Just saying.

If you look at his opening post, and many others, you’ll see that his criticisms are hardly being silenced. If you can’t tell yourself why that particular post was inappropriate while the other criticisms were not, I really don’t know how to help you.


Agree, it would be nice if each color had a 5* elemental debuffer even if I doubt I will ever own one, the idea that I could keeps hope alive.

Perhaps they’ll come out after we have more heroes resistant to defense debuffs… My understanding from the forum is the first of those appears next month.

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