5* heros are worthless so save your money! 4* Heroes are almost as powerful and cheaper!

So as to add to the other threads i have going i would like to try and steer people away from 5* hero purchases. As of late i finally realized after leveling my last few dozen 5* heros fully that 5* heros are worthless. I have team after team of 5* heros and a win is simply based on board luck. Add to that the fact i can pick any top ranked team and attack them with a fully leveled team of 4* heros and win regularly only proves my point more.

Heres the point. Why spend money purchasing 5* heros when 4* heros win just as much.

Developers wont answer because they know its true. Im tired of the racket. I highly advise all players to greatly cut back on seeking five star Heros. If they come free then that’s awesome. If they have to be purchased then save your money because they will not help you in any way.

If sg ever decides to make a smart move it will be in making a 5* nearly impossible to be killed by a 4*. Thats called making something have value and as of right now a 5* simply has no real value. Ive been playing with massive teams for some time and i have been wrong. I just cannot justify any longer the need for any new 5stars. They are quite honestly just not needed if one knows how to use and play with 4*’s.

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Bet you wish you could go back in time and invest that money and set both those kids up with a nice retirement fund with compound interest in play
$2k to 4k to 8k to 16k to 32k to 64k 128k to 256k to 512k to 1 million dollars
in their lifetime without another penny added, imagine if you add more pennies


I used to play fifa 15 on mobile, spent a couple hundred on the game, and then without any warning it shut down and I was left with nothing in return,

Last time I spent any money on an EA game but I hope the same thing won’t happen to this game


Wow! :open_mouth:

20 Characters.

Sure, 4* are the same as 5*.

Sure sure sure. Are u drunk ?

Edit : gonna edit this not to be so rude.

Yes 4* do win, but your chances to win against a full 5* team with a 4* team are likely the same to pull a 5* with summons. Not saying it’s impossible, everything is, but will be way harder.

But when I hit a 4* with Magni, trust me, I can feel the 5* power. Good luck to deal so many damages with a 4* !


Yes, you can raid your way into Diamond with 4s…try to stay there with a 4 defense.


You would have to be able to kill 5* with 4* otherwise the FTP and middle tier would get very frustrated very early and quit the game. However, if you have an average board. I’m talking one or 2 diamonds and max combo 5, you will find yourself dead at the hands of 5* very quickly. The card stats speak for themselves.

As for spending money on this game, you could spend $100 and not pull a single 5* out of the summons. You could spend $100 and get nothing but 5* from the summons. It’s pure chance and RNG. To say “don’t spend your money on 5*” sounds more like the avatar shop: guarunteed purchase. It may be better to say “don’t spend your money chasing 5*s”. Even then, I’m sick of that post. I’m personally tired of being told on the forum what I should do with my money and this game. I’m sorry you have regrets. I’m gonna keep playing though…


We all know we have the opportunity to do whatever we want in life your money spend it the way you want just like we have freedom of speech say what you want

I would like to voice my opinion on this topic because I understand both points of view

@Tpenn when you state your opinion that’s what it is an opinion from your point of view so your delivery of how you feel comes off wrong to alot of people on the forum as telling them what to do and what you believe to be a fact

But I do understand your point as to alot of maxed 4s can compete with 5s not to mention that the AI is controlling the team you are playing against; meaning a different out with a human playing with that same team

@Tamsin I understand that you don’t like people telling you how to spend your money no one does you worked hard for it you spend it on whatever you enjoy

I also agree with you about 5s being killed with 4s that balance has to be there to appeal to everyone giving newer players hope that they can compete in the game

Example: watchtower attacks someone beats your team but you do a revenge fight and beat their team

Everyone has a different play style do what works for you explore and have fun with the game every character has a purpose you just have to find and master it

Good Luck to all


Or hit a 12* with 4s, without wilbur active mine get one shotted

I will say i see his point

But 5s to me have always been a luxury end game project

Thought everyone was supposed to use 3s until they got 4s then 4s until they got 5s then 4s and 5s as needed


Titans are a great example where 5* are simply better, for their durability if nothing else. 4* with lots and lots of items can survive, but that’s not sustainable.

Wars are another example. If you set out a 4* defense, your team is going to be at the top of the kill list and you’re going to lose your alliance a LOT of points while allowing them to preserve their best heroes to attack elsewhere. And unless you’ve leveled up 30 purple 4*, you can’t mono all those yellow tanks so your offense isn’t going to make the grade.

So what, you might say; just join an alliance where everyone uses 4* defenses and offenses. But then you’ll be hitting 5*-7* titans and getting the correspondingly worse loot.

@tpenn you’ve said in another thread that you’re getting tired and bored of E&P. Taking out your weariness with questionable advice isn’t helping anyone.

I think you do have a valid point in this sense: what is the incremental value of yet another Legendary hero? You’ve said you have 30 maxed 5*; spending any more for a (tiny) chance of getting a useful Legendary needs to be thought about differently than someone trying to build their first rainbow 5* team.


@Kerridoc i love how you beat me down yet you donit with class. :joy::joy::joy::facepunch:t2:

Your a good man. I get your point but i cannot change my opinion. I trued my best not to be offensive but in todays day and age thats nearly impossible.

That bejng said you echoed my sentiment. 5* are awesome. More than 10 is a waste. I have the mats to send up 8 more but im sitting here scratching my head asking myself… WHY???

So as to clarify… a few 5* are needed. That was not my intent. My intent was to let people know thst once they leveled their rainbow team as i once did and had up to 10 5* for titans and such there is honestly no more need for more to be added. Here are the crucial 5* needed. One defense drop for each comor like evelyn and king arthur etc. wu kong and tarlak. Finally a good attack buff like bt or zim. But many of the attack buff are 4* etc. that gives you yiur needed teams for titans. After that its just war depth and 4* guves you that. At that point additional 5*’s become worthless.


Hmm red and yellow could use 5* defense droppers now that you mention it


Jackal and Falcon come around fairly regularly and you have a decent chances to pull them as 4*, unlike 5* event heroes Arthur and Panther

Eh true but have you used jackal on a 12*?
And falcon does work with his high defense

But if they bring 13/14* titans back, it may be something to consider

Why hide this post? What’s the point? This is a persons opinion. What or who are you protecting?

I am refering to the hidden post further up thread. I’d like a response to my question as, from where I am sitting, that isn’t moderating. It’s censoring. And that…
is never a good thing.

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While there is some truth to this and 4* are very versatile I can tell you from personal expierience if your alliance wants to play at the top 10 5* wont cut it. 5* are mandatory to compete with the top alliances in AW. When your alliance is going up againts people with 20 aND 30+ 5* with level 20 to 30 troops 4* die way too fast. You can run a team of monochrome and hope to get lucky but it is way to inconsistant.

Fair point @Rigs. No 12* for me yet, probably not for a very long time. I like my alliance but we are not close to prime time, many new players still learning and building, only two of us are over level 30.

Jackal is … delicate, very true. I wasn’t thinking of mega-titans when I replied, just whether or not the special exists.
At least Falcon is more robust, hits with wet paper napkins instead of tiles but can take a punch (can’t he?).


Falcon is much sturdier than jackal and provides a solid benefit to tile damage as well

Plus he stacks with wilbur who is a huge help on 12*

So maybe red might get by without a 5* elemental debuffer

But yellow would be nice in my opinion

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If you have Vivica you can protect even Jackal :wink:

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